maid serviceCleaning Express has been offering maid service in London for many years now. We understand that many of our domestic customers lead hectic lives, and having a maid can help them stay on top on all of the cleaning tasks they may not have time for. This is why all our maids are trained in every cleaning task that you can imagine. This ensures that if you need one of the maids to provide any kind of cleaning task, they can do it to the highest level possible.

Although our maid service is one of the most affordable in London, they are still some of the best too. This is why our customer ratings are so high. Our prices are affordable, but the quality of our cleaning services for all domestic homes is extremely high. This is because we have made sure that we have the best cleaning team in London. All of our maids are vetted before they are hired. When we hire a maid, we provide all of their training so they can clean homes the Cleaning Express way. Plus, all of our cleaning maids are insured too, for your peace of mind. This is why our maid services are so valued by our customers. Visit our domestic cleaning page for more information.

Another reason why our maid services are beloved by our customers is that we don’t let you down. If one of our maids calls in sick or with an emergency, we send another maid in their place as quickly as possible. Doing this has allowed our domestic customers to depend on our maid services for many years. A fact that we’re extremely proud of at Cleaning Express.

So, if you need maid services in London that takes a load of washing of your shoulders, then give Cleaning Express a call on 0203 633 0390 or contact us via Facebook.

spring cleaningAh, spring. Spring is a time for growth. It’s the time to start enjoying your home and your garden more. For many homes, spring is also the perfect time for a deep clean. Spring cleaning can get your family home ready for your family to enjoy. A good cleaning and airing of your family home is the perfect thing to do during the spring. Why you may ask? Well, we believe that spring is a time of change. It is a time to deep clean and organise your home ready for the sunnier months.

However, spring cleaning can be quite a big task. If you have lived in your house for quite some time, having a clear-out of the items that you no longer use and a deep clean of the entire house can be challenging. So, in these times, why not let one of London’s best cleaning companies in to help you. Thanks to our vast array of cleaning services, we can offer you any help that you may need during a clean.

For example, our expert cleaning teams are well versed in deep cleaning services because of the work with our many rental property customers. This means that we can enter your family home and provide all of the deep cleaning services that you need during the spring. We can also provide everything you need to ensure that your house is perfectly clean and ready for your family to enjoy for the rest of the year.

Our spring cleaning services are brilliant for those who need a deep clean during this season of change and growth. Once we have completed our expert deep cleaning services, you can also take advantage of our regular home cleaning services to maintain your household throughout the year. To find out more about our spring cleaning services, get in touch today. See our introductory video here.

spring cleaning servicesSo, you’ve decided to clean your home this spring. You would like your home to be fresh, clean and ready for your family to enjoy. What do you need to ensure this spring clean goes exactly the way you planned? Well, an expert cleaning team wouldn’t go a miss. Finding the cleaning company that can provide the spring cleaning services that you require can be tricky. You need a dependable and trustworthy cleaning company that will not only provide all of the cleaning services that you need, but that will also provide these cleaning services to your exacting standards.

What you really need is an expert team of cleaners. A cleaning dream team that is very versed in coming into people’s homes and transforming them. This is why all of our spring cleaning services are provided by our cleaning team that specialises in deep cleaning. We have a lot of cleaners here at Cleaning Express. Some of our cleaners provide regular cleaning services to our domestic and commercial customers. We also have cleaners that provide all of our spring cleaning services. These are the cleaners that can go into any property and transform it into the cleanest home in London.

Spring Cleaning London

We are very proud of our spring cleaning services and the cleaners that provide them. This cleaning team works to an exacting checklist to ensure that all cleaning tasks are performed to the highest levels possible. So, if you’d like an expert team of cleaners to perform spring cleaning services for you this spring, the deep clean dream team at Cleaning Express are ready and waiting for you. Give Cleaning Express a call now on 0203 633 0390 and book an appointment for our cleaning team to come in and transform your house in your home once more. We make spring cleaning easy, stress-free and an enjoyable experience. See our reviews on

deep cleaning servicesDeep cleaning services provided by a responsible and trustworthy cleaning company. Sounds amazing, right? Almost too good to be true. However, here at Cleaning Express, we take all of our deep cleaning services seriously. We provide our customers with the best “top-to-bottom” cleaning services in London because we know that our cleaning customers depend on us to do the best cleaning job possible. So, when you book us to come into your home or office for any of our cleaning services, you will receive the most professional clean from an expert team of cleaners.

You only need to read our near flawless customer reviews to see what our cleaners can do. Whether you need a proper “thorough clean” for your home, rental property or your workspace, we can do it. Deep cleaning services are an excellent way of transforming your space. For example, if you have a rental property that has been left in disarray, we can come in and make it ready for your next tenants. Do not worry, our end of tenancy cleaning prices are very affordable. We can clean every area of the property to the highest standards, and it will quickly be ready for someone to move in.

If you have inherited a property that has seen better days. We can, once again, clean this property to either make it ready to be put on the market or prepare it for your next family home. If you have just acquired a commercial property that is in desperate need of a deep clean before your staff can get to work, our staff will get to work and make it a fresh, clean space that your staff will enjoy.

In short, if you need deep cleaning services in London, Cleaning Express will get the job done right. Contact us today to find out more about our deep cleaning services or call us directly 0203 633 0390, you won’t regret it. You can also message us through Facebook.

best house cleaning serviceWhether you are looking for a one-off deep-clean of your house or a regular cleaner to come into your family home and make it fresh and clean for your family, you need a cleaner that’s trustworthy and reliable. Of course, you know this, but many cleaning companies fail on this basic level. When you make an appointment with a cleaning company, they SHOULD stick with this appointment. Still, some cleaning companies let you down time and again. Of course, if you need a deep clean of your house, this typically means that you are short on time. Perhaps, you are selling the house and need it to look beautiful for viewings. Or maybe you have been renting a home and need an end of tenancy cleaning. Either way, this cleaning service must be done at the time you have booked in for, at least, that’s what we think!

That is why we offer our unparalleled house cleaning services. If you have a cleaning appointment with us, we will be there, it is as simple as that. If the assigned cleaner calls in sick, a replacement will be sent in their place. Whether you need a deep clean of your home, or you are a regular cleaning customer of ours, our unparalleled home cleaning services are available to you. So, if your regular cleaner isn’t available for whatever reason, another cleaning will come to your home and perform their cleaning tasks to your high standards.

We think this is the way cleaning services should be offered. We understand that having a cleaner in your home should be a convenience, not an inconvenience. Our job’s to ensure that your house cleaning is done, and with an excellent team of cleaners, you can rest assured that it will get done!

housekeeping services londonAt Cleaning Express we believe you should be able to come back regularly to a clean and tidy home. To make this happen and keep up with your cleaning, hire our talented cleaners for first-class housekeeping services in London.

Cleaning Express is dedicated to cleaning homes and offices with our tailored support. We work with clients throughout London and beyond. Whatever important commitments may be taking up your time, we can help you re-organise your home.

Our domestic housekeeping services can cover all areas within the property. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. We can also provide a combination of cleaning and ironing. This can be helpful should you request additional support with taking care of your laundry.

You can have the same cleaner every time. This ensures you know exactly who is coming into your home and can confidently let them be without constantly needing to let someone new know your requirements. The only exception of this is if your cleaner is on holiday or ill. In this instance we’ll make sure we provide you with a free replacement to fill in their space while they are out of action.

When it comes to our housekeepers, we hire only the best. We make sure all housekeepers we hire have at least one-years’ worth experience. They also must pass our internal skills test to be considered.

Safety is also a primary concern at our cleaning company. As such we make sure to check identification, tax and residence documents to ensure they are suitable for home cleaning. We also collect references to ensure they are up to the cleaning tasks we provide.

You can get in touch with us and find out more via our website or give us a call on 0203 633 0390 to speak to a member of our cleaning team about our services. We also provide house cleaning, deep cleaning, end of tenancy and after building cleaning. Alternatively, you can connect with us via our Facebook page to discuss your housekeeping services London requirements.

domestic cleaning servicesAt Cleaning Express, we can make sure your home is fresh and clean at a competitive and fixed price with our best domestic cleaning services. No matter the task at hand, our well-trained and experienced cleaners have the skills needed to help in any way they can. Below are just some of the things we can provide as a number one choice for those looking for professional cleaners in the UK.

Here are just seven things we can do to support you with regards to domestic cleaning services:

  • Ironing
  • Dusting
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Mopping
  • Hoovering
  • Changing beds
  • Laundry
  • And much more. Whether you require a light clean, deep clean or regular cleaning support, we can make sure you have a first-class clean suited to your home and budget.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to take a look around our website. Also, you can fill out the contact form on our website or get in touch by giving us a direct call today 0203 633 0390.

In addition to domestic cleaning, we can provide end of tenancy cleaning. You want to make sure you’ll impress your landlord with the state of the property before handing it back. This way you’ll increase your chance of gaining back your deposit back from DPS.

house cleaning greenwich

A clean place is a happy place. More often than not, our workplace anxiety is triggered because of the clutter around the place. Similarly, dirt can cause many health problems. But some of us simply do not have the time to clean around. Whether it is your home or your office, you should take care of it for optimum hygiene and healthy life. But if you cannot find the time to clean everything then you can hire house cleaning in Greenwich, a team of professional cleaners, who are trained to look after each detail with extreme care and responsibility.

Cleaning Express also offers house cleaning in Greenwich who have expertise in the field to provide domestic and professional cleaning to clients. Whether it is your house or office that you want to take care of, you can hire them to make your place spick and span. From upholstery to carpets to windows, our cleaners will make sure that everything is pristine and tidy. We have techniques and equipment which makes our cleaning matchless. Furthermore, we also provide targeted cleaning for different seasons so your house is free from clutter, dust and disorder.

Cleaning Express team will coordinate with you and make sure that the promised services are delivered within time. We also provide affordable office cleaning services in Greenwich to local businesses. Besides, Cleaning Express extends our services for different spaces that allow you to take care of your surroundings. Whether they are your house or your workplace. Cleaning is our duty, this is why we must invest in it.

For more information please view our Domestic Cleaning page. Please also connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

commercial cleaning londonAre you interested in Commercial Cleaning London services?

The way we present our business can have an effect on the way your customers or clients respond to our service. That is why it is important to make sure your property is cleaned to the highest standards with the help of a professional cleaning service.

Here at Cleaning Express we work with many commercial businesses in London that seek exceptional cleaning support. We can take care of all the grime, rubbish and dirt that’s been built up over time. And all you need to do is concentrate on your business.

We can clean once or over a regular period of time depending on your requirements. As part of our service we’ll do all we can to offer you the most competitive price for your budget.  We want to be sure you are happy with the results of our cleaning.

A clean environment means a healthy environment. Maintaining a healthy environment is important for the well being of all human beings. We must work together to provide clean and a safe environment for the present. Not only present generation, but also future generations to come.

For the best and most reliable commercial cleaning London services, Cleaning Express is a perfect choice. We have a very strict procedure of hiring cleaners here at Cleaning Express. We don’t hire cleaners without a 1-2-1 interview. Also, we carry out a proper identity verification.

Cleaning Express has the required personnel with the skills and techniques and the tools required for the best commercial cleaning London services. You will not regret choosing us as your cleaning partners.

If you would like to book our services, you can fill out the contact form right here on our website. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us directly about your requirements,  we’re just a click away. You can give us a call now on 020 3633 0390 to discuss your needs with a friendly member of our staff. Follow us on twitter:

commercial cleaningIf you are looking for the most reliable and best commercial cleaning services in London, Cleaning Express is what you need. We offer top quality and the most reliable commercial cleaning services. Cleaning Express provides cleaning services on both domestic and commercial levels. The skills, techniques and tools required for these services, are all the major features of Cleaning express.

Cleaning is happiness, pure happiness. Marie Kondo once said that “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happy living within that environment.” By keeping the environment and your surroundings clean, you  create a healthy environment. And, you promote a happy environment. Everybody tries their best to keep their homes clean. But keeping your homes clean is not the only thing you can do. Keeping your workplace, shop, supermarket etc is also your responsibility.

Not only does it provide quality cleaning services to Londoners, but it also hires the best cleaners from all around London. the hiring process is strict and follows a fixed decorum. The cleaners who are hired are 100 percent verified and their backgrounds are also checked as well.

Our commercial cleaning services include office cleaning, hotel cleaning, retail cleaning, gym cleaning, medical cleaning, school cleaning, builders cleaning, car showroom cleaning, restaurant cleaning and communal area cleaning.

If you have any queries or questions related to our commercial cleaning services, feel free to contact us. We respond to all the queries we receive as soon as we can. We want all our customers to be fully satisfied with our services. Follow us on twitter to stay with news and updates.