Sustainability and Environmental Policy

At Cleaning Express we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we have implemented a number of changes not only in our services but also in our office. We now have a comprehensive sustainability policy and action plan of how to reduce our impact on the environment both as a company and also as individuals.

Why are we doing this?

Our team is passionate about protecting our planet and we even sent our office manager to a special training to educate us how to do this more efficiently. We have implemented our policy in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help support the global movement of environmental and social responsibility.

Waste Management

We try to reduce printing and paper use by printing on both sides of the sheet. We have reduced our use of batteries, especially those with high level of lead, mercury and cadmium. We aim to replace all cutlery and single use plastics in the office with reusable options.

Energy and Water Consumption

We are actively trying to minimise the waste of electric energy in our office by switching off lights when they are not needed and turning off our computers instead of putting them to sleep after work. We use water responsibly by ordering just as much drinking water as we need and washing our plates by hand. In the majority of cases our cleaners and staff use public transport to get to work.


We give preference to suppliers with clear social responsibility and environmental statements and we purchase everything in bulk to save on packaging and unnecessary plastic. We’re looking to buy refillable containers for our cleaning materials where possible and our electric equipment is frequently serviced to reduce replacements. We try to use as much recycled paper as possible and we always encourage customers to do the same.

The Sustainable Development Goals have been developed as part of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda which provides a blueprint for global partnership in social and environmental protection and development.

The SDGs are matching our philosophy as a company with enhanced corporate social responsibility so we decided to deepen that and implement new policies for our cleaners and admin staff. Now we can demonstrate a track record of environmentally conscious decisions, from offering eco-friendly cleaning options to reducing plastic use in our office.

sustainable cleaning development goals

Eco-friendly Regular Cleaning

Would you like to try our regular service, but with a green twist? No problem, many of our customers select their choice of eco-friendly cleaning materials. Let our office or your cleaner know and we will be happy to recommend you some eco-friendly options.

Eco-friendly One-off Services

We don’t charge extra for environmentally-friendly cleaning materials for one-off services. Please give us at least 1-2 days notice and we will be able to send one or more specialist cleaners with a full range of eco solutions. Get in touch today to book an environmentally friendly one-off service!


From £98 per four hour session
Done at your home
Discounts for subsequent bookings
Experienced Ironers


From £98 for a four-hour clean
Includes oven, fridge, inside of windows & kitchen cupboards
Eco-friendly detergents provided
Specially-trained cleaners


From £149 for a one-bedroom flat
Short-notice bookings available
Oven cleaning included
Eco-friendly cleaning solutions included
Specially trained cleaners