• Founded in 2015

  • Moved into 1st office in 2016

  • Launched website in 2017

  • Joined BICSc & DCA in 2018

  • Became Living Wage Service Provider in 2019

  • Joined NCCA in 2020

  • Winner Greenwich Business Awards in 2022

  • Became Living Wage Employer in 2023

The vision behind Cleaning Express

We started Cleaning Express with a vision to improve living and working environments across London by offering the best ethical cleaning services in the industry. The company has been built around the needs of our customers and understanding how we can help them to make a difference in their lives in a sustainable way. This idea was then applied to our cleaning and office staff as we noticed we can make them much happier in the workplace.

How we started

Our founder Ana developed an idea to start a cleaning business after she spent a few years cleaning properties in Greenwich & Blackheath in South East London. Having acquired new skills she was learning about the most efficient cleaning methods over these years and her schedule was always full of more customers asking for more of her time. Although she was very happy with her jobs she was aware of the reality in the cleaning industry. Cleaners had to face low pay and unsatisfying work conditions regardless of their experience or type of work, which in return led to low staff morale and a decrease in productivity.

She decided to create a better company, which would care about all staff offering London Living Wage to tackle low morale and motivation. It took her a lot of sleepless nights to create a reputable company providing professional cleaning services, however, this approach significantly improved quality and customer satisfaction.  The idea has turned into a success, with more and more customers were signing up for the services every day. Recommendations have spread through friends and family of our existing customers, which we find to be the best testimony of our quality and reliability. Cleaning Express is steadily growing – and we are excited to say we are just getting started!

Our approach

We believe that appreciation and gratitude help in enhancing the performance of cleaning staff. We apply this belief on the appointed cleaners. Our goal was to create a positive experience for staff, which would stimulate learning and continuous improvement. We strive to offer support to our cleaners at all times and be understanding towards them even in the case when there are some shortcomings. We treat all of them with kindness and, if necessary, try to make them understand that their performance has not been up to the mark. In addition to this, we provide them with suggestions to improve their performance.

From the very beginning, we decided that providing training was important despite the business having no funds for a training budget. Some cleaners say that we are very demanding, but we believe it is important for cleaners to receive regular, constructive feedback about their work, as this is the only way to improve standards and customer satisfaction. We always try to find an individual approach to each of the cleaning operatives and understand their family problems, health issues and life changes.

First and foremost, here at Cleaning Express, we make sure we hire the best and most experienced cleaners who enjoy and excel at their job. We screen and carry out 1-2-1 interview with all cleaners applying for a job with us. All cleaners have to complete our DTV training program and pass our internal skills test.

We carefully check identification, tax and residence documents and collect references before we look whether the candidate has the right personality and set of skills for the job. New cleaners initially work alongside one of our supervisors or they are tested by cleaning one of the homes of our management team.

What we do?

We offer professional cleaning services including domestic and commercial cleaning services to customers across London. We specialise in office cleaning, domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and after-building cleaning.