War in Ukraine

Support Ukraine


The conflict in Ukraine is escalating, putting millions of lives of adults and children in extreme danger. Many of our cleaners and head office staff have families in Ukraine, and we know that many of our customers do as well. Our prayers and thoughts go out to anyone and everyone who is affected by the war in Ukraine. Our hearts are with you in this worrying, scary time.

Innocent people from all walks of life are losing their homes and their lives in Ukraine at the moment. Families are being separated, and no one knows for sure whether they will see their loved ones again. Innocent people are trapped in the middle of a war as they try and escape to safety. Risking their lives and their children’s lives as they try and get out of Ukraine, away from bombs and bullets, and they need all the support and help that we can provide.

ukrainian warOur staff at Cleaning Express have been impacted by the war in Ukraine from the very beginning. There are ties to Ukraine on all levels of this cleaning company. Our cleaners, customer service staff, and management have friends and family that this troubling conflict has affected. We know that many of our cleaning customers are in the same position. The innocent people fleeing their homes need our support and help.


We have invested specialised training for Ukrainian refugees to help them provided professional bespoke cleaning training in their own language since the start of the war. We have now recruited over 20 people working for our domestic and commercial customers.


Cleaning Express has now organised two deliveries of essential items for Ukrainian refugees. One delivery has been sent to Ukraine and the other one sent to Lithuania. Many items have been donated by the company in the first couple of weeks of the war and many more essentials have been given by management, office staff and friends.

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Ukraine Emergency Appeal

We can all help with a donation for the Ukrainian residents who are fighting for their lives. There is a GoFundMe page called Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal that is providing medical and food packs to the Ukrainian people as we speak. Still, they need more donations to help with the influx of people that desperately need this resource.

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive is supporting the Ukrainian armed forces as they go to war. With this amazing charity’s support, the troops will stand a far better chance of getting home safely to their families and friends. Come Back Alive does not use funds to buy weaponry. Their mission is purely to supply technology, training, and ammunition to help save the lives of Ukrainians and help our soldiers defend Ukraine.


Approved volunteer organisations

The Ukrainian government has set up a page on its website that provides links to all volunteer organisations that are helping support the people of Ukraine at this very troubling time. Just a few pounds to any of these charities can make a massive difference. It can provide a warm meal and clothing to a family who was forced to leave their home without any possessions.


Ukrainian conflict


We understand you may not have money to give to help the people of Ukraine. However, there is still something you can do. The people of Ukraine need clothes, household necessities, medical supplies and food. You can donate all of this to charities in Ukraine. There are pop up centres around London right now that are calling out for these supplies. If you don’t have anything to give, give your time. Volunteer at one of these pop-up charity centres and help to get these vital supplies to people who need them most.

Ukrainian cleaners and office staff impacted by the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has affected us deeply at Cleaning Express, and our prayers, hearts, and minds are with our staff and customers who have also been affected. We had a number of cleaners from Ukraine and management staff have Ukrainian roots. Since Cleaning Express began, we have seen how amazing and wonderful the people of London are, and we know Ukraine’s call for help won’t go unanswered by the incredible people of this city!

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We welcome Ukrainian refugees in London

We hope you find London just as welcoming, and we would like to offer you support while you are here. If you decide to work while in London, please get in touch with Cleaning Express as soon as possible. We’re always looking for hardworking, passionate cleaners. As of the 1st of October 2022 we have employed over 25 staff, who had to flee Ukraine since the war started. We are proud of our Ukrainian cleaning staff, who have been so resilient and hard-working.

Please read more about more our support for Ukrainian refugees in London.