Cleaning Express wins the Royal Greenwich Business Award for Workforce Development

Cleaning Express wins the Royal Greenwich Business Award for Workforce DevelopmentWe are delighted to announce that Cleaning Express has won the Royal Greenwich Business Award for Workforce Development. We would like to thank Royal Greenwich Borough Council and the main sponsor for the awards U+I for organising such an excellent event at the O2 Intercontinental. We’re also very thankful to East London Business Place and the sponsor of our category, London South East Colleges.

Winning this award means everything to us. Not just the management team at Cleaning Express but all of our head office staff and our cleaners. Everyone at Cleaning Express has worked extremely hard to provide our team with training courses, knowledge, skills and ensure that Cleaning Express is a safe, friendly and fun place to work for everyone. Each and every member of the Cleaning Express team plays a pivotal role in the progression of the team and the business, and we thank them so much for their hard work.

What are the Royal Greenwich Business Awards?

The Royal Greenwich Business Awards highlights and celebrates business excellence in Royal Greenwich. This year’s awards were held in association with the main sponsor U+I and the South East London Chamber of Commerce.

Royal Greenwich is home to 11,600 businesses that provide over 100,000 jobs for local people. In total, there were 12 categories and over 230 applicants for the awards this year. The applicants represent a diverse range of businesses and industries across the borough providing excellence to their customers and employees. So, it’s fair to say that we had some stiff competition in the Workforce Development category.

The Workforce Development Award

This award showcases excellent developments within the workforce of a company. When applying for consideration for this award, we had to provide detailed examples of Cleaning Express’s commitment to developing our team and offering more opportunities to local people.

During the application process, we detailed our commitment to our staff by showcasing our free online courses for our cleaning team. This 26-video course aims to help people seeking jobs in the cleaning industry become professional cleaners of the highest level.

We continued our application with our commitment to making Cleaning Express a safe, fun and exciting place to work for our teams. In the last year, we have improved Healthy and Safety training and achieved Health and Safety qualifications as a result. Noting that this has furthered the professionalism of our staff and opened up more internal job opportunities for those wanting to focus on health and safety.

Empowering our workers

We also showcased our ethos of empowering our teams, allowing them to get involved with company decisions. Decisions that directly affect their training, qualifications and day-to-day working habits. With our head office staff and cleaners helping make company decisions, we feel confident that Cleaning Express is moving in the right direction, one that benefits our customers and our staff.

Why did we enter?

Over the years, Cleaning Express has always been determined to provide the best cleaning services in London. And this meant that a focus on hiring the best people and providing the best training possible was extremely important. We knew that paying a fair wage, good communication from management, and creating opportunities for local people all played a big role in creating a cleaning community that we could be proud of.

We have created lots of opportunities in many boroughs of London and have introduced programmes to help a wide variety of people. Most recently, our programme to help Ukrainian refugees to adapt to life in London by offering sustainable jobs and allowing people to rely less on the Government’s help.

We have actively encouraged and helped our staff progress in all areas of the business, offering training and qualifications to help them further their careers within the industry. While providing opportunities for them to have their say on which qualifications were made available through Cleaning Express.

In short, we believed that Cleaning Express was an industry leader in workforce development, and that, despite the fierce competition within this award category, our ethos of progression may just be enough to win this award. And we are delighted to say that Cleaning Express is now the proud winner of the Workforce Development Award from the Royal Greenwich Business Awards 2022.

What the award means

For everyone at Cleaning Express, winning this award shows that the business is moving in the right direction. Our staff has worked extremely hard to encourage growth in everyone, and we have rewarded this behaviour by providing more and more opportunities, as well as a fun, friendly and exciting environment to all of our cleaners, head office and management staff.

Winning this award shows us that working with the Living Wage Foundation, improving our health and safety standards, and creating free online courses for our staff ensures that the company is growing in the right direction.

Cleaning Express is also dedicated to continuing this growth in all aspects of the company. We are continuing to hire Ukrainian refugees who have recently arrived in London, as well as, people already living in the local area. Providing them with full training and offering assistance on resources outside the company whenever needed.

Winning the Workforce Development Award means the world to us, but the growth of our team won’t stop here. We are as determined as ever to provide the best service to our customers as possible with highly-skilled, happy and healthy cleaners. We’re extremely proud of our staff for winning this award, and we will continue to invest in them as they have invested in us.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal Greenwich Business Awards one final time for giving us the Workforce Development Award of 2022. We’d also like to thank all of the staff at Cleaning Express for their continued growth and development. And we’d like to thank our customers for providing the opportunity to help local people from their communities thrive and grow in a passionate and exciting team of exceptional people.

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