End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

We use a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist approved by estate agents to meet landlords’ strict requirements. A landlord will have their own checklist to check if the tenant has cleaned everything properly. An end of tenancy cleaning checklist will be extremely helpful if you want to secure your deposit, leave your rental property stress-free and keep your landlord happy.

General (through the entire property)

end of tenancy cleaning checklist

The most common places that accumulate dirt and dust throughout the property. Do not neglect any part of this general checklist and ensure you thoroughly clean all of these parts of the property.

  • Walls - dusted and free of cobwebs
  • Doors – doors wiped and dusted from top to bottom
  • Door handles – wiped and polished, free from light stains, marks and fingerprints
  • Windows – wiped and polished from top to bottom (internally)
  • Window sills – wiped and clean
  • Window ledges – wiped and clean
  • Window handles – wiped and polished
  • Ceilings – cleaned of cobwebs
  • Corners – dusted, and free of cobwebs
  • Wall pictures (including top of the frame) – dusted, clean; glass frames (if there are any)
  • Mirrors – dusted, polished and free of spots and fingerprints
  • Light fittings and shades – dusted and wiped
  • Light switches, plugs and sockets – dusted and wiped
  • Skirting (including the skirting boards behind the furniture if it can be moved by 1 person) – dusted and wiped
  • Spindles and banisters – dusted and wiped
  • Curtain rails – dusted and wiped
  • Radiators – wiped and clean from top to bottom, and behind
  • All floors – vacuumed (including under the carpets, tables, beds, sofas, chairs, etc.)
  • Carpet cleaning – vacuumed (including under the tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc.), stain free - if it is included at the time of booking
  • Upholstery – vacuumed (including behind and underneath the cushions) - if included at the time of booking
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out, dusted from inside and out, polished
  • Shelves – empty, dusted, polished
  • Wooden furniture – dusted, wiped and polished
  • Mirrors - polish mirrors
  • Picture frames - dust and clean picture frames

Hallway and stairs

Cobwebs and dust are prevalent within hallways and stairs, but often go unnoticed. It is important to clean every part and the hard-to-reach places of the stairs and hallways.

  • Stairs, banisters and railing – dust
  • Floor – vacuum and clean carpet (or mop where necessary)
  • Wipe down and clean skirting boards and door frame
  • Remove cobwebs


We all know how much grease, germs and dirt builds up from cooking, which is why it is so important to give your kitchen a thorough deep clean.

kitchen for end of tenancy cleaning
  • All work surfaces (such as kitchen countertops/worktops) – washed and sanitized
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out/in, wiped
  • Wall tiles – free of stains, mould and grease, washed and polished
  • Sink and taps – washed, free of limescale, sanitized, polished; dry and clean
  • Internal rubbish bins – empty, cleaned inside and out
  • Fridge and freezer – internally and externally clean
  • Microwave – wiped from inside and outside
  • Dishwasher – clean from inside and outside
  • Washing machine inside and out (including soap dispenser, rubber seal, etc.)
  • Tumble dryer (including dust and lint filters, rubber seal, handles, etc.)
  • Hobs and grill – clean and polished
  • Oven – degreased, cleaned inside /out, outside chrome and glass parts
  • Cooker ( top/hob)
  • Clean extractor fans – degreased, clean and polished
  • Kitchen appliances cleaned from outside (toaster, kettle, etc.)
  • Damp wipe window ledges, skirting boards, door frame and radiator


One of the easier ones, but you will be surprised by the amount of dust, dirt and even rubbish you will find in places you have neglected for years.

  • Beds – clean (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)
  • Mattresses – vacuumed from both sides
  • Bedroom storage units (such as wardrobes, cupboards, night tables, drawers, light switches, skirting, etc.) – empty and clean inside and out (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)
  • Dust and clean window sills and ledges
  • Windows cleaned inside (internally)
  • Waste paper baskets – empty and clean
  • Wipe doors and polish door handles
  • Vaccuum carpets (or mop where necessary)

Living Room

  • Clean and carefully dust all wooden furniture
  • Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes
  • Dust and clean window sills and ledges
  • Windows cleaned internally
  • Clean door, door frame, and polish door handle
  • Hoover carpets (or mop where necessary)
  • Clean all glass surfaces (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc)
  • Dust light fittings and switches, skirting, curtain rails, pictures and radiators
  • Furniture dust - dust and hoover furniture
end of tenancy cleaning

Bathroom and Toilet

Limescale and mould are key problems in bathrooms and toilets that are very heavily inspected by landlords. Make sure to clean the bathroom as best as you can because we all know how dirty they can get.

  • Wall tiles – cleaned, polished and mould-free
  • Radiator and towel rail
  • Taps and fittings – free of mould & limescale, clean and polished
  • Sink – basin cleaned, dried and polished
  • Soap dispenser – clean
  • Cupboards and shelves – empty, free of mould; clean (glass and chrome) parts – polished)
  • Mirror – wiped, polished and free of spots and fingerprints
  • Bathtub – wiped and polished
  • Shower cabin-wiped and polished
  • Shower screen / shower doors – washed inside and outside, free of mould and polished
  • Shower head – cleaned, dried and polished
  • Toilet, toilet seat, and toilet bowl – clean and disinfect toilet from inside and out
  • Floor – vacuum and mop
  • Extractor fan – free of mould and grime

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist Final Check

  • Check internal letter box – remove all old mail/flyers/handbills etc
  • Clean front door inside/outside

End of Tenancy cleaning service

An end of tenancy cleaning service will ensure that your home is given a deep clean in all the important areas without you having to do any of the work. It is a great service if you want to put the property in safe hands with an expert in professional cleaning.

At Cleaning Express, our move-out cleaning service follows this checklist to ensure all the important parts of your home are cleaned to an excellent standard. Our tenancy cleaners are very experienced and will get the job done so you can move out without any problems such as your landlord charging for cleaning.