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Regular Domestic Cleaning Twickenham

Get a regular domestic cleaning service in Twickenham to help you with your weekly cleaning tasks such as hoovering, mopping, emptying bins, dusting, and more.

  • Our cleaners are local to your area.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Replacement and sickness cover.
  • Insured and vetted staff.

Regular Office Cleaning Twickenham

Our office cleaning service in Twickenham will ensure your office space is nice and clean for your office staff. We can come clean weekly, every few days, and even daily.

  • Tailor your cleaning package to suit your office and its needs.
  • Each professional cleaner is personally allocated by our team according to your requirements.
  • Our cleaners are vetted, fully-trained and have years of experience.
  • Replacement and sickness cover.
  • Feel safe with our £10 million insurance cover.
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One-off Services

Are you moving out or just prefer a one-off session? No problem. Please give us at least 2-3 days notice and we will be able to send one or more specialist cleaners. Here are the one-off services cleaners in Twickenham can provide:


From £207 for 1-bed flat
Short-notice bookings available
Oven cleaning included
Cleaning solutions included
Specially-trained cleaners


Starting from £100
Experienced carpet cleaner
Cleaning equipment and solutions included
Upholstery as an additional service


From £207 for 1-bed flat
Typically includes oven, fridge, inside of windows & kitchen cupboards
Cleaning solution provided
Specially-trained cleaners

After Build

Starting from £257
Full clean of the property
Cleaning solution provided
Comprehensive insurance
Specially-trained after building cleaners

Google Reviews

We are very happy with the services of Svetlana who has been our cleaner for the last 6 months. She is punctual, does a very thorough job and is very personable.
15:31 11 Sep 23
I used this service for almost two years. The housekeeper they "assigned" to me, Adriana, is nothing short of brilliant. She was fun to have around, loved playing with my dogs and she always left our flat sparkling clean. My favorite day of the week is when she would come. She's kind, good natured and just excellent at her profession. It only took her 1 clean to understand our cleaning preferences and she was very very efficient. We are discontinuing this service because we're moving houses to a location that Cleaning Express doesn't service. If I could have I would have taken Adriana with me.
Johnna P.
Johnna P.
15:07 05 Sep 23
Vilma was punctual, polite, professional and left our home sparkling clean. Their office team were efficient, helpful and friendly. I would absolutely return to Cleaning Express for their services.
Laura J.
Laura J.
14:43 14 Jul 23
Great service. Our cleaner Halyna is great - good at her job and a pleasure to see every week. Having the same person every week is brilliant and I've found the company to be reliable and responsive. Thank you!
Rachel A.
Rachel A.
08:45 12 Jul 23
Mikhaiela has been helping us for over a year by now and she is simply phenomenal. Very proactive, attentive and has a thorough approach which I love. Finding a housekeeper in London is challenge and she is the only one who does a properly good job.
Olena B.
Olena B.
11:56 20 Jun 23
We booked a deep clean for a 2-bed 2-bath flat, with a steam clean of the carpets and upholstery. We are very happy with the results! The whole booking process was very smooth - the team was responsive and answered all my questions quickly. Lilia and Valentina did a fantastic job at cleaning the flat, they were friendly, on time and very efficient. Ralph also did a great job with the carpets. Highly recommend!! We were so pleased we’re now looking to book their regular cleaning service.
M M.
M M.
09:41 15 Jun 23
We booked a Post Build Clean through Alina, and had Vilma and Nadir as our cleaning team. They were nothing short of amazing and went above and beyond, cleaning windows covered in plaster splashed, inside and out. Scraped off excess mess that was left on our bath by a rouge contractor. Vilma and Nadir truly transformed the house without a complaint. Will definitely book again.
Justine A
Justine A
22:06 07 Jun 23
I wanted to thank a cleaner who came to my apartment to do a deep clean. Victoria did an amazing job with my one bedroom. She was punctual, professional and friendly. Definitely recommend!
Anastasiya K.
Anastasiya K.
18:34 10 May 23
I decided to get a cleaning service for my house as both I and my wife are busy working no enough time to clean. Luckily, we’re directed to a proper company to clean ours. Our house smells good and fabolous clean. I now have them for regular weekly as I’m absolutely happy with the quality of clean. I highly recommend this company , despite of some negative reviews , I believe that my experience from them are trully brilliant. Worth the money to pay the service.
James M.
James M.
13:06 08 May 23
We arranged for an end of tenancy clean at a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat we were renting. Vilma turned up on time and fully prepared for the day ahead. The results were amazing, the flat now looks fantastic. Vilma did an impressive job (along with Ralph who provided a professional carpet cleaning service).I can highly recommend using Cleaning Express.
Bonnie M.
Bonnie M.
11:28 04 May 23


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We believe that better pay attracts and retains higher-quality staff. As a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider our customers in London have the option to pay their cleaners the London Living Wage, an independently calculated wage that is higher than the government minimum wage, and based on the cost of living. The rate is £11.95/hour in London. Our after-building cleaners receive the rate above London Living Wage
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About Twickenham

The history of Twickenham is surrounded by sport, Saxons and suburban growth. Twickenham may have only been a small hamlet for a few thousand years, but over the years, it has developed into the home of Rugby Union and home to some of the most important industries in England.

How Twickenham got its name?

Like many places in England, the way Twickenham got its name isn’t really known. However, Historians have broken down the name and given some interesting possibilities as to how it came to be. There are two Saxon words within the name, ‘hamm’ and ‘wic’. This suggests that during the Saxon period, there were two settlements in the area.

In Saxon, ‘hamm’ means a bend in a river, river meadow or dry ground in a marsh. This suggests that one of the settlements was likely in or close to marshland somewhere in the area. The best guess is between the River Thames, and Crane, parts of this area were marshy at the time, so chances are, one of the settlements may have been located here. The ‘wic’ settlements location is sadly lost to history.

No one is too sure when the two words combined to create the name ‘Twickenham’ sadly. But it is likely due to expansion in the area and the two settlements merging together, a very common story in Twickenham. Throughout the years, more roads were built throughout the area, merging more and more settlements together. And finally, the railway created a need for massive expansion and more housing developments to be built, and that is how the Twickenham we know was formed.

A glimpse of life in Twickenham in the 1800s

To see how different life in Twickenham was only a few hundred years ago, you only need to look at the jobs of people at the time. In the 1870s, most people would have worked in the Twickenham area as travel wasn’t as easy back then. And you can clearly see how different life in Twickenham was by the varied jobs of the local people.

In an 1871 Census, Women mainly had domestic jobs like cooks, maids, laundresses and parlours maids. Around 80% of the women in Twickenham had domestic jobs. 10% of the women in Twickenham were dressmakers, and 5% were shop workers. The rest were teachers and nurses.

For the men in Twickenham in 1871, the jobs were mainly in manufacturing, agriculture and building, as well as general labour and transport. While the work was hard, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the people of Twickenham enjoyed plenty of leisure activities too. The people spent a lot of time at the river, and in 1860, the Twickenham rowing club was formed.

Twickenham and the Rugby Football Union

We couldn’t talk about Twickenham without mentioning the Rugby. Hundreds of thousands of Rugby fans make their way to the iconic Twickenham stadium each year. Twickenham has hosted the Rugby world cup three times and is the home to the Harlequins. Twickenham is also widely regarded as the spiritual home of the Six Nations, where England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy and Ireland have competed since 2000 to see which nation will come out on top.

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Areas we cover

Cleaning Express provides cleaning services to commercial and domestic customers across London. Most of our customers are located in the following London boroughs. If you are based in any other borough please contact us to check availability in your area.