Cleaning Express joins Domestic Cleaning Alliance

Cleaning Express joined Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA) today. We have decided that the wealth of experience of this organisation, marketing and training opportunities will benefit our company greatly.

Formed in 2014, DCA is working hard to raise the profile of the domestic cleaning industry. They aim to ensure that those who work at the sharp-end of the service are aware of just how vital their role is to the running of homes all across the country.

Two functions of Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA)

DCA has a network of support and information, as well as arranging discounts on supplies, equipment, and insurances. They understand the challenges faced by those running a domestic cleaning business.

Secondly, they raise the profile of domestic cleaning. The DCA is the voice of the UK domestic cleaning industry. Therefore they are constantly striving to increase awareness of the career opportunities countrywide, to improve conditions for those who carry out the cleaning work, and to streamline the ‘customer experience’ for end-users.

Follow this link to see all members of Domestic Cleaning Association. We don’t just do domestic cleaning. Did you know that we have a large portfolio of commercial cleaning customers across London?

Domestic Cleaning Alliance