Safe reopening of schools after Covid-19

As schools open after lockdown, students and teachers will need to make changes to their daily lives to ensure that they remain safe as they are learning and teaching. One of the best ways for schools to support teachers and students is to ensure that the school is clean throughout to minimise the risk of anyone coming into contact with covid-19. Of course, new hygiene rules and regulations must be put in place too. Still, antiviral disinfection cleaning should become a standard in all schools to ensure a safe reopening after Covid-19.

Are schools safe to reopen

How long does COVID-19 last on surfaces?

As the knowledge of covid-19 begins to grow, so does the understanding of how long the virus remains on certain surfaces. As you know, Covid is passed from person to person in much the same way as the common cold. It can be passed when coughing and sneezing, which is why social distancing is so crucial in schools at this time. However, larger droplets can fall to the ground or on to nearby surfaces when we cough or sneeze.

Once these droplets land, the virus can live on surfaces for a few days. However, the survival of Covid depends on the material that it lands on, for example:

Metal objects (door handles, for example): five days
Wood (tables, chairs and floors): four days
Plastics (learning equipment and whiteboards): two to three days
Paper: research varies from a few hours to five days.

Aluminium and copper seem to be the best materials for killing Covid. In these cases, the virus can last between two and four hours. Of course, this hardly helps matters, unless your school and everything in it is made with aluminium and copper. So, what can you do to stop the spread of Covid in your school? Well, as we said above, new hygiene and cleaning standards must be put in place. So, let’s find out about the school cleaning services that Cleaning Express offers to schools across London and how they can help you take control of Covid in your school.

School Cleaning Services

Cleaning Express has been offering its cleaning services for many years. Of course, since Covid-19 hit London, our school cleaning services has been more important than ever. We know that having a fresh and clean environment to learn and teach in has always been important, but it’s never been more important than now.

Cleaning Express cleans educational bodies and schools of all sizes. We can provide school cleaning to a very high standard in pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, colleges and more. Please also visit our university cleaning page.  All of the Cleaning Express cleaners that enter any educational cleaning site are all DBS-checked and fully trained in all of the cleaning services that a school will need. This ensures that your students are safe and can learn in an environment that is safe for them. Our regular school cleaning services are perfect for keeping your school clean for the students and the teachers. However, we understand that in the school system’s fight against Covid-19, stronger cleaning services are required. That is where our antiviral disinfection cleaning services come in to play to ensure safe reopening of schools after Covid-19. impact of covid-19 school cleaning services

Antiviral Disinfection Cleaning Services In Schools

Cleaning Express’ antiviral disinfection cleaning services are the best way to ensure that your school is free from any viruses, not just Covid. Our antiviral cleaning services are offered under our deep cleaning services umbrella, which we also offer to schools. After a long break, like the one lockdown has caused, your school may really benefit from a deep clean. However, it will also massively benefit from our antiviral cleaning services. We use a specialised disinfectant that remains on surfaces for 60 minutes to kill the virus. We then add a protective layer to all surfaces that is completely invisible that will prevent the virus from staying on any surfaces in your school.

To fight Covid in your school, you need the right cleaning regime and proper hygiene procedures too. Without these, Covid-19 can easily spread throughout your school. If you’d like more information about Cleaning Express’ Coronavirus cleaning services for schools in London, please get in touch. Our contact centre is always here to answer any cleaning questions and provide you with a survey time or send us a message via website or Facebook. Once the survey has been completed, our cleaners will swing into action and ensure that your school is ready to reopen and that your students and teachers will be safe while they learn and teach.