Why are the end of tenancy cleaning prices so high?

If you’ve been looking for move out cleaning for a while, you may have noticed that the end of tenancy cleaning prices can be a lot more than for regular domestic cleaning services. Why is this? Why are end of tenancy cleaning hourly rates so much higher than a standard domestic cleaning service? Well, there is a good reason, and today, we’re finding out why.

end of tenancy cleaning prices

Regular domestic cleaning prices in London

Regular domestic cleaning services in London will charge anywhere from £13-£18 per hour. A typical cleaning slot is two hours once a week or fortnightly. So, for regular domestic cleaning services, you can expect to pay £26-£36 per session either weekly or fortnightly.

During these regular cleaning sessions, a cleaner will come in and do all the weekly cleaning chores for which you don’t have time: hoovering, mopping, dusting, cleaning the kitchen, changing the beds, etc.

End of tenancy cleaning prices in London

The price for end of tenancy cleaning in London, though, is between £28 and £40 per hour. Depending on the property’s size, this cleaning can take anywhere from 4 to 8 plus hours. So, the average price for domestic end-of-tenancy cleaning in the UK is £297.50 according to Checkatrade, while for this type of cleaning service in London, you can expect to pay even more. Cleaning Express offers very competitive prices for this type of service, which you can check in our Instant Quote section.

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Why the difference?

Why are the end of tenancy prices so high

End of tenancy cleaning services aren’t the same as regular cleaning sessions. End of tenancy cleaning is a much more involved operation, often including a team of cleaners, not just one person. They are also professionally trained cleaners using professional cleaning equipment, like carpet cleaning machines. The cleaning team also needs to be very flexible. Usually, end of tenancy cleaning is booked in without a lot of notice, and the cleaners must adapt to meet the needs of the customer and the landlord.

A lot of landlords and estate agents in London also use end of tenancy cleaning checklists. They are to confirm that the tenant has cleaned every square inch of the property. Because if they have missed anything, the landlord will need to hire professional cleaners to put things right. Estate agents and landlords have raised the standards and expect even neglected properties to look fantastic so that they avoid refurbishing the place. Unfortunately, this results in more disputes with cleaning companies, which has pushed the prices up.

That is why most professional cleaning service companies (including Cleaning Express) offer guarantees for their cleaning work during the end of tenancy cleans. So, if your landlord notices something your tenancy cleaners missed, you can phone them and get it put right, with no additional cost.

End of tenancy cleaning takes much longer than regular domestic cleaning because it is much more involved. Think of a regular cleaning service as keeping your home look brilliant, neat and tidy. And an end of tenancy clean, ensuring no signs of someone living on the property anymore. It wipes the slate clean and allows new tenants to move in the same day.


Can I use regular domestic cleaning services instead of the end of tenancy cleaning services?

Regular cleaning sessions do a fantastic job at keeping your home looking fabulous while you live there. A two-hour cleaning session once a week ensures your home looks spotless and feels welcoming.

However, a regular cleaner doesn’t have time to do every single cleaning task that is needed. For example, if you ask a cleaner to hoover, they will, but don’t have time to move the sofa and other furniture. So, there is likely some dust underneath your sofa while your house looks immaculate.

With an end of tenancy clean, though, every single area of every single room is cleaned to perfection. That includes kitchen cabinets, behind the toilet, the wardrobes and everything else most of us don’t clean weekly. That takes a team of cleaners a lot of hours to do. Our cleaner’s work is then tested with a checklist to ensure everything has been taken care of for you.

end of tenancy cleaning costRegular domestic cleaning is an excellent service and keeps your home looking great week in and week out. However, the end of tenancy cleaning services hit the reset button. They are designed to make it appear that no one has ever lived in the house. That takes time, experience, a team of cleaners and a lot of hard work. And that is why end of tenancy cleaning services in London cost the prices they do.

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