Ukraine Family Scheme

Cleaning Express recently invited any Ukrainians coming to the UK to work for us. We are a multi-lingual cleaning company in London. We’re always in search of hard-working individuals to clean for our customers. We understand that many Ukrainians are struggling to get to the safety of the UK right now, so we thought we’d offer some information that may help. If you already have family members in the UK, you can join them for an extended stay. Below is the info you need about The Ukraine Family Scheme.

What is the Ukraine Family Scheme?


The Ukraine Family Scheme is free to apply for and allows applicants to join family members that are already in the UK. You’ll be able to live, study and work during your time in the UK, and you’ll have access to public funds as well. There is a lot of information about the Ukraine Family Scheme on the UK government website. Still, we have tried to break it down into more manageable sections for you below. However, if you do need further information, we have links to the government pages about this scheme and other helpful sources throughout this article.

The eligibility requirements

To apply for the family scheme, you must be applying to accompany or join a UK-based family member and be Ukrainian or the immediate family member of a Ukrainian national who is applying for the scheme as well. You must also have been residing in Ukraine since 1st January 2022. If you have already left Ukraine for safety, you can still apply. So, if you’re already in the UK but have lived in Ukraine since before 1st January 2022, you can still apply for this scheme.

The full eligibility requirements are available on the government website. Here you can find out which family members are eligible and a great deal more. If you are accepted into The Ukraine Family Scheme, you can stay in the UK for up to three years, and it is completely free to apply.

How to apply

Applying for the family scheme is very simple and can be done here. Do check that you meet all the requirements before you apply, though. If you are outside the UK, you must apply online at the above link. Also, if you don’t currently hold a Ukrainian international passport, you must book an appointment at a visa application centre (VAC) to provide your biometric information as well as any other information that you need for the scheme.

All of the visa application centres are currently closed in Ukraine, but there is a temporary VAC in Rzeszow, Poland. You’ll need to complete an online application before you attend this visa application centre. There are also other VACs operating throughout Europe at the moment. There’s more information about all VACs currently open on the government website.

ukraine family scheme visa

Before you arrive

Once your application to the family scheme has been processed, you will receive an official permission letter from UK Visas and Immigration. This confirms that you can travel to the UK. This letter allows you to board a plane or other transport to the UK without a valid UK visa. You shouldn’t travel to the UK until you receive this letter.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the border in the UK, UK Border Force, airlines and other travel companies will be informed that customers with valid Ukrainian passports who have been accepted into this scheme will have received a letter of confirmation and have permission to travel into the UK without a valid UK visa in their passport. So, as long as you have the letter, there is no need to worry about gaining access to the UK.

When you arrive in the UK, you’ll need to show your permission letter to the Border Force officers. They will then stamp your passport with a 6-month entry stamp. This is evidence of your right to live, study and work in the UK for six months.

Extending your stay

After you get settled in the UK, you’ll need to extend your stay if you plan on staying for any longer than the six months. You’ll need to submit your biometrics within these 6 months. Once the government receives your info, they can tell you how to provide your biometric information. This could be by providing a digitised facial image using an app, or you may need to visit one of the government application centres to provide a facial image and fingerprints. You can find out more about submitting your biometrics here.

You don’t need to extend your stay in the UK right away, but you do need to ensure the process is complete before the 6-month stay ends. So, if you do plan on staying for longer than 6 months, it is worth starting the process as quickly as possible.

How long does it take?

It’s difficult to say how long an applicant must wait for their Ukraine Family Scheme application to be processed. The government is prioritising applications for this scheme currently, though.

Finding work

If you want to work while you are in the UK, you have every right to work within the scope of this scheme. If you are in London, Cleaning Express would love to hear from you (follow the article “Работа в Лондоне“). We provide full training to all of our cleaners and offer a safe and welcoming place to work for everyone who works with us. The training can be provided in English or Russian language. So, whether you are already a professional cleaner or don’t have much experience, Cleaning Express would love to hear from you. Many of our staff are Ukrainian, and we have a multi-lingual office, so if your English isn’t that good, please don’t let that put you off. Cleaning Express is here to help you find work during your stay in London.

If you are not in London and want to find work, the best place to go is the Job Centre. Here you can start an application process to claim benefits while you are in the UK. The Job Centre can also help you write a CV and help find you job interviews as well. We know The Ukraine Family Scheme has a lot of information to take in, but the application process is nice and simple.