Homes for Ukraine (Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme)

Cleaning Express is a multi-lingual, multi-nationality cleaning company based in London. Many of our cleaners and office workers are from Eastern Europe, and we are doing what we can to help escaping the war in Ukraine. So, below, we have information about the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine). This information is designed to help Ukrainians use this scheme to get to safety. We also have more information about the Ukraine Family Scheme. The application process for both of these schemes is very similar. So, here, we’ve focused on commonly asked questions about this scheme rather than the application process. We do have some details about applying, but for more, click the links below or read our article about the family scheme.

What is the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme?


The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme allows a UK-based sponsor to help you enter the UK. This sponsor must be eligible for the Homes For Ukraine scheme, but most people willing to help who are legally in the UK (and will remain here legally for the next six months can apply to be a sponsor). So, if you have a spare room or a home, you can offer it to Ukrainian refugees. And you can do this as an individual or as an organisation.

Now, some sponsors choose to be involved in the scheme because they know someone in Ukraine that needs help. However, if this person doesn’t require a sponsor or the sponsor is just doing it to help, a Ukrainian refugee will be matched to them.

Now, if you already have family in the UK, you do not need to apply for this scheme. Instead, you can apply for the Ukraine Family Scheme. We have more details about that scheme in a different article. If you don’t have family members in the UK, this is the scheme to apply for. Basically, a sponsor (either an individual or an organisation) will help you get to safety and make getting to the UK and staying here for a while a lot easier.

homes for ukraine

Who is eligible?


Anyone that can offer accommodation for six months or more can apply to be a sponsor. Whether you have an entire house to offer or a spare room, you can help. If you are on a visa, you have to have at least six months of time remaining on your visa to apply.

Ukrainian Nationals

If you already have family in the UK, you need to apply for the family scheme, but other than that, you can apply for this scheme. You do not need to have a sponsor already, as one will be matched to you. However, if you do have a sponsor lined up, that person can do the application for you if you need them to.

How to apply

If you want to register interest in sponsoring a Ukrainian and getting them to safety within the UK, you can use this link.

To apply as a Ukrainian national, you can use this link. Aren’t sure whether you should apply to the Sponsor Scheme or the Family Scheme? there are numbers you can call on the website above which will offer advice.

FAQs about Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine)

When will Ukrainians and sponsors be able to apply for this scheme?

Phase one of this scheme started on 18th March for Ukrainian people who had named people in the UK ready to sponsor them. Either the sponsor or the Ukrainian national can complete the application, and only one is required per person coming to the UK. Visas are already being issued to Ukrainians using this scheme.

How many Ukrainians will the UK government help?

There’s no limit to how many people this scheme will help right now. The UK is prepared to welcome as many Ukrainians as wish to come here. We know this is a huge crisis and want to help. So, sponsors are signing up each and every day to try and help Ukrainians get to safety.

Is the scheme open to all Ukrainians?

This scheme is open to all Ukrainians who were residents in Ukraine prior to 1st January 2022. Its also open to immediate family members of Ukrainian nationals like a spouse, unmarried partner (must have lived together for two years at least), children under 18, a parent (if you are under 18) and more.

You don’t need to still be in Ukraine to apply for this scheme. If you have fled Ukraine already, you can still apply from a different country. There is information about where you can apply for these schemes here. There is a temporary visa application centre in Rzeszow, Poland currently and in several cities around Europe.

Will I have restrictions while in the UK?

No, once you’re visa request has been accepted, you will be provided with a letter that gives you six months to live, study and work in the UK. If you want to prolong this stay (up to three years), you can do so, but you must be issued a biometric resistance permit as evidence of your immigration status.

How is the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme going to be delivered?

The UK government has called for a national effort from the British public, organisations, faith groups, businesses and councils. And so far, the UK has done an amazing job at organising homes and sponsorships for many Ukrainians. Of course, we all need to do our bit to help. So, if you have a spare room to offer or a spare house you may not need for six months, please offer to help! You can register interest in this scheme here.

How do I link up with my sponsor?

If you don’t already have a sponsor and you are assigned one, you will be given their contact information once the sponsor has been assigned. From there, you can share the information needed to fill out the application or fill it out yourself, but you will need the sponsor’s details for this form. This step is something you and your sponsor will need to work out together.


We hope this look at the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme has helped. We understand these schemes have a lot of information to take in. So, please visit the links throughout this article, or give the helplines a call to ask any questions you have.