How to choose the best cleaner for your home

Choosing the best cleaner for your home can be tricky. Of course, you want a cleaner that is reliable, trustworthy, and that does an excellent job at the cleaning tasks you don’t have time to do. And if that cleaner can fit their cleaning duties around your schedule and charge a competitive price, that is the dream, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a cleaner to clean your home in London, here are some things to consider and how to choose the best cleaner for you.

How to find the right cleanerAsk for a recommendation

If your friends use a cleaner or a cleaning company, ask them about their experience. They will be able to provide a real-world perspective on how that cleaner performs their job. If your friend uses a self-employed cleaner, though, it is worth bearing in mind that many self-employed cleaners only operate over a small area. So, while that cleaner will be able to clean your friend’s home, they may not cover your area. However, asking a friend for a cleaning recommendation is always a good starting off point.

Look online

Most self-employed cleaners and cleaning companies have some form of online presence nowadays. This could be a Facebook page or a website. Take a look at the cleaning services they provide and the reviews that their customers have left on the site. You can also send the cleaner a message if you want to know more about their services and their availability. You can use local Facebook groups as well to ask for advice from people in your area about the best cleaners and cleaning companies in the area.

Use vetted and insured cleaners

A self-employed cleaner can only really be vetted by their previous clients and their reviews. Domestic cleaners that work for a cleaning company like Cleaning Express, for example, are vetted on much more than this. We fully-trained our cleaners and vet their performance throughout their time with us. This ensures that all of our cleaners are fully trained in all of our cleaning services.

A cleaner must have insurance too. This will typically be liability insurance and ensures that if they damage anything in your home while they are cleaning, they can replace or repair it. We have the best insurance that money can buy.  We can ensure that if any of our cleaners do happen to damage any of our customer’s items. (It is extremely rare, but accidents do occur). Then our customers have peace of mind and a quick resolution to the issue.

Choosing between a self-employed cleaner or a cleaning companyChoosing housekeeper

Using a self-employed cleaner is a great way of ensuring that only one cleaner will enter your home. You will get to know that cleaner and form a trusting working relationship with them. However, if your cleaner goes on holiday or gets sick, they won’t be able to clean your property. At Cleaning Express, our cleaners have set areas that they work in. This means the cleaner that comes to your home is typically the same person. However, if they are ever on holiday or they get sick, cover can quickly be arranged, so your home or business still gets cleaned.

Of course, as a cleaning company ourselves, we are a bit bias, as to whether a self-employed cleaner or a cleaning company is best. But we provide cleaning services that offer the personal relationship you receive if you choose a self-employed cleaner, but with the backing of a family-run business to ensure that our customers always receive a superior clean from trustworthy, reliable cleaners at a competitive price.

Another factor for consideration is that every cleaner has its preferences and specialisation. Some cleaners are experienced only in domestic sector, some cleaners work in offices and commercial premises. Some cleaning operatives prefer deep cleaning work or carrying out end of tenancy cleaning or after-building cleaning.

To find our more about our cleaning services from Cleaning Express, give us a call or send us a message via our contact page or facebook.