How to choose moving home cleaning servicces?

When moving into a new home, it’s great to find it perfectly clean and ready to start making memories. Sadly, some people don’t give the house a good clean before they move out, and your first few days in a home can lead to doing a lot of cleaning to make the house more inviting.

Whether you want your new house to look fabulous before you move in, or you’re moving out and want to treat the new owners to a clean slate, you may be wondering which cleaning services are the best to use. Well, if you’re looking for a cleaning company to help with your move, there are some cleaning services that you should look for that will help with this moving in or moving out process.

What to look for when choosing moving home cleaning services


moving home cleaning services


Deep cleans

A deep clean can be the perfect cleaning service to use if you are moving into a new house. If the last owners haven’t left the house in a brilliant condition, this cleaning service can take it back to a clean slate for you. It will also help you if you’re moving out of a house and want to leave it in an excellent state for the new owners.

During a deep clean, every area of the home is cleaned. This includes commonly missed spaces like behind the toilet, the skirting boards, inside cupboards, and much more. Deep cleans get into every corner and closet of the home. A deep clean service is best before moving any of your stuff into the house (or just after you’ve moved it out). That way, the cleaners can focus on the essential areas. So, the cleaning company you choose should offer deep cleaning services as these will be handy when moving.

End of tenancy cleans

cleaning services moving outIf you own your house, you may think that end-of-tenancy cleaning won’t be able to help you. However, a cleaning company experienced in end-of-tenancy cleaning can help when moving into a new house or moving out.

These cleaning services are designed to get a property ready for the landlord to rent it again straight away. So, they are ideal when moving in or out of the property you’re buying or selling. They are very similar to deep cleans, but we use a checklist to ensure that our cleaners don’t miss any areas. So you can move into a fresh, clean home and make it yours straight away.

While some cleaning companies may not offer their end-of-tenancy cleaning services to people moving in or out of properties they own, Cleaning Express is always happy to help. We customise our cleaning services to suit our customers’ needs and are more than happy to use our experience in end of tenancy cleaning to prepare your home for the next step.

After building work cleaning

If you are planning on having building work in your new home before you move in, this cleaning service is just about the best one to book right before you move in. Building dust can get everywhere, so we designed this after-building cleaning service to ensure your home is dust free and clean after any building work.

We use industrial vacuums to ensure that dust and dirt are gone from your home after building work. While we’re happy to offer this service to any of our cleaning customers, it can be a brilliant service if you’re remodelling a home before you move in.

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning moving in

Lastly, we have carpet cleaning services. Carpets hold on to dust and dirt, and a quick hoovering before you move in or out will never be enough to make the carpets look new again. This is where carpet cleaning services shine. You can add this cleaning service to just about any of our other cleaning services or use it as a standalone service. We use an industrial carpet shampooing machine to draw our dust, stains and grime and make the carpet look new.

Cleaning Express offer all of these cleaning services and a great deal more. Our cleaning team can make moving home much less stressful. So, if you’re moving out of a house in London or moving to a place in London, we have every cleaning service to ensure your home looks lovely. We also have regular domestic cleaning services to keep your new home looking great once you’re settled. Give Cleaning Express a call today on 0203 633 0390 or send us a message via website or Facebook .to learn more about the cleaning services you need when moving in or out.