Best times for office cleaning services

daily office cleaningIf you’re looking for office cleaning services, you may wonder when the best time to clean your office is. Having a clean office is great, but if the cleaners interrupt your staff while working, it can cause issues. So, choosing the perfect time to clean your office is critical.

The perfect time for office cleaners to come to your office depends on you and your business. However, below we’ve offered some advice on choosing when cleaners come to your place of work. Remember, Cleaning Express is always more than happy to customise our cleaning services for our customers. So, if you choose to have our cleaners come to your office in the morning but later wish to change to evening cleaning sessions, just let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

What is the best time to clean offices?

You have several options for commercial cleaning services when it comes to the time of cleaning, and Cleaning Express is delighted to accommodate you. Your options for office cleaning services are:

Early morning office cleaning

commercial cleaning best times Early morning office cleaning sessions are ideal if you want your office to look perfect each time your staff arrive to work. Any bathrooms, food prep areas or kitchens are also completely spotless, so your team can feel safe and enjoy a sparklingly clean environment.

While we do our best to keep our office cleaning sessions as unobtrusive as possible, things like vacuuming can be pretty noisy. So, if you share your office buildings with companies that start work earlier than you, having cleaning sessions in the morning can cause some disruption to their working day. Also, if you have staff that enjoy getting to the office early, this can mean they are less focused in the morning.

Daily office cleaning

Many people choose to have their offices cleaned during non-working hours to ensure that their staff can focus, and we would always recommend that vacuuming, wiping desks, emptying bins, and other things should be done during non-working hours. However, we can also provide daily office cleaning. The daily office cleaner won’t do any noisy cleaning tasks but can be there after lunchtime to clear up the kitchen and do quieter cleaning tasks to keep your office looking excellent throughout the day.

Evening office cleaning

Best times for office cleaning services

Most of our office cleaning customers use our services in the evening when all their staff have gone home. Many people prefer the cleaning to take place after a busy day as it means when they return to work the next day, the office is fresh and clean again.

Having your office cleaned in the evening also prevents your staff’s presenteeism and burn-out. They can use the cleaners as a sign that it is time to go home and come in fresh the following day. This can also work better with other offices in the same building. Most companies have a similar clocking-out time, so the cleaners can do their work without disrupting anyone.

Need more than regular office cleaning?

Having regular office cleaning services is an excellent way of keeping on top of all the cleaning tasks that your company needs to look fantastic and be a safe and pleasant place for your staff to work. However, occasionally, you need a bit more cleaning than a regular office cleaning can provide. This is where our deep cleaning services come in handy. A team of cleaners can come to your office (at a time that suits, of course) and do a top-to-bottom clean. Every corner, desk, cupboard, and carpet can be thoroughly cleaned to offer the most inviting space for your staff possible.

Cleaning Express

Get a quote for office cleaning from Cleaning Express

Whether you feel early morning or evening cleaning sessions are suitable for your office, Cleaning Express can be there. We’ll customise our office cleaning services to suit your needs perfectly, and with our fully trained cleaners, your office will look amazing for your staff and customers. If you are looking for quality cleaning services in London and expect high standards of commercial cleaning from a company that cares about its employees, please get in touch with us. Cleaning Express is passionate about fair pay and has been nominated as a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider. We believe that better pay attracts and retains higher-quality staff. To learn more about Cleaning Express and our excellent office cleaning services, you can explore our website and call us on 0203 633 0390 or drop an email with your enquiry to We offer competitive prices on all our cleaning services and have the best cleaners in London.

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