Benefits of carpet cleaning in offices

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With more and more businesses offering an open plan, cool and exciting environment to work in, being an office worker is pretty awesome right now. However, offices need to look good to ensure everyone who visits and works in them feels good too.

Regular office cleaning services can go a long way in making an office look clean and tidy. But sometimes, you need to pull out the big cleaning guns. And today, we’re talking about one of the biggest guns in our cleaning arsenal: carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is an extremely valuable tool in offices. Before we tell you why, let’s first look at exactly what carpet cleaning is, shall we?

What is carpet cleaning?

We’re sure your regular cleaner vacuums the office carpet regularly, right? Well, carpet cleaning is a whole other type of cleaning. This service shampoos the carpet and draws loads more dirt, dust and grime out of the carpet than hoovering alone. Even when it comes to short pile carpets, like most found in offices, hoovering can only do so much. There will be a layer of dust, dirt and grime that a regular vacuum can’t reach.

A carpet cleaning machine forces cleaning products deep into the carpet and uses powerful suction to draw it back out. This process makes your carpet look brand new again. Now, you may be thinking that regular hoovering is doing a good job at keeping your carpet looking fresh and new. Well, take a look under any piece of furniture in your office that has been there for a while. You may be pretty shocked at how different the high-traffic areas look compared to the fresh carpet.

By using commercial carpet cleaning services in your office, you can ensure that the carpet throughout the office looks as good as the day it was laid. This has many advantages, here are just a few!

The benefits of carpet cleaning in offices

benefits of carpet cleaning in offices

It keeps high-traffic areas looking great

We mentioned this benefit above, but it’s worth repeating. Carpets in high-traffic areas in offices can quickly fade and look older than they are. Carpet cleaning massages the fibres in the carpet, gets rid of any dirt and dust within the carpet and can bring it back to life. Remember, these high-traffic areas are often the first place important clients and customers see when they enter your office. You need these spaces to look as good as the rest of your office to set the tone straight away.

Give a wonderful first impression of your business

Having a clean and tidy office is excellent. Every office should be lovely and tidy. However, when you have important clients coming to the office to make a business deal that is really important for everyone involved, it is best to go above and beyond with the regular office cleaning.

Having your carpet cleaned shows your clients that your business pays attention to the small details. It shows them that you’re serious about everything you do, including keeping your office looking great. It offers an inviting space to walk into, rather than the faded, jaded, old carpet that your competitor has.

Adds to a nice environment for your employees

We all know the reason your office looks the way it does. Yes, it is partly for offering wonderful impressions to your clients. But the other reason is for your employees. Your employees deserve a b

rilliant place to work hard for you. Well, if you’ve spent a lot of money kitting out the office into a cool space for your employees to work in, it is well worth keeping the investment going. Even after a few months, office carpets can fade. Still, carpet cleaning services can bring them back to life and keep your staff’s space looking and feeling amazing.

Reduces allergies

office carpet cleaning

Carpets hold a lot of dust and grime, more than we feel comfortable sharing with you here. Regular carpet cleaning sessions in offices can greatly reduce the risk of your employees getting allergies.

When the pollen count is high, your employees can track pollen into the office and set off everyone’s allergies. By cleaning the carpet regularly during periods where allergies are high, you greatly reduce the number of employees affected. This means your staff will be very happy, less snotty and teary, and you may even reduce sick days as a result.

If you’d like to have your office carpet professionally cleaned by NCCA certified professionals and you are in London, Cleaning Express can help. We offer carpet cleaning services across the city and can get your office’s carpet looking fresh and new in no time.

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