How to clean a TV screen

Our cleaning customers ask us a lot of cleaning questions throughout our travels through London cleaning homes and businesses. And one of the cleaning questions we get asked a lot is about cleaning TV screens. Cleaning a TV screen needs to be done carefully and with the right cleaning equipment. If not, you could damage your TV. So, today, we’re going to explain how our cleaners clean TVs so that you can clean yours correctly without damaging it. We’ll also look at what not to use to clean your TV, which is actually a much longer list than what you should use to clean it.

how to clean a tv screen

Screen cleaners

There are dedicated screen cleaners that you can buy for TV and computer screens. They come in an aerosol and a wipe. While these cleaning sprays do work, they aren’t recommended for every type of TV. Most of these TV screen cleaners can be used on LCD and plasma screens, but you should check that the cleaner you choose is suitable for your TV.

TV screen cleaning sprays and wipes are great to use if you have tried to clean your TV with another cleaning solution. If you have streaks all over your TV, for example, a screen cleaning spray should be used to remove them.

Here’s how to use a spray TV screen cleaner:

Use a small amount of the spray cleaner, and spray it onto the cloth, rather than the TV. Use a microfibre cloth for this task. Fold the microfibre cloth and try and keep one side of it dry. Start from the top of the screen and work your way down, wiping from side to side. Once you reach the bottom of the TV screen, use the dry part of the microfibre cloth and repeat the process. This should remove any leftover cleaner on the TV screen and ensure you have a streak-free result.

Screen cleaners claim to remove nicotine stains, smudges, fingerprints and grime from your TV, and most do that job very well. However, our cleaners have found a much easier way of cleaning TVs that doesn’t require a special spray. In fact, all it involves is something you likely already have in your cleaning cupboard.

A microfibre clothhow to clean a tv

A clean, dry microfibre cloth does the best job at cleaning a TV screen. It can remove dirt, dust and grime, and even stubborn stains like nicotine. Our cleaners have been using microfibre cloths to clean TV screens for years, but it is recommended by loads of cleaners and even TV manufacturers. Samsung even recommends using a microfibre cloth on its TVs because this method works so well.

How to clean a TV screen with a microfibre cloth

Cleaning a TV with a microfibre cloth is as simple as it sounds. However, our cleaners have a few tips for you to make it go even easier. As you aren’t using any sprays or any liquid at all, you don’t need to worry about streaks, but you do need to consider where the dust will fall. So, when cleaning a TV, always start from the top of the screen and work your way down. You should dust the top of the TV before you start with the screen too. That way, the dust will fall onto the areas you haven’t cleaned yet, and you can wipe it away as you make your way down the screen.

If possible, use a fresh and clean microfibre cloth for your TV. TVs love to attract dust and grime, so any dust in the microfibre cloth already could cause you an issue. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure when cleaning a TV screen. In fact, too much pressure can damage your TV. Just take light passes, gently wiping the screen. Go side to side, as this ensure you catch all of the dust while wiping the TV. If you notice some stubborn grime, gently focus on the area. The microfibre cloth will pick up the dirt, but it may take several light passes to do it.

To recaphow to clean flat screen tv

Use a clean microfibre cloth
Clean the top of the TV first
Gentle passes starting from the top of the screen
For stubborn grime, take multiple, gentle passes
Move from side to side to catch all the dust

What to avoid

Unless your TV screen is incredibly dirty, there is really no need to use anything other than a microfibre cloth. It will clean your TV very well and remove any dust and grime really easily. Avoid using any cleaning solutions that have alcohol, ammonia or benzene in them. Window cleaner, for example, should never be used on a TV. Many people swear by using alcohol on their TV screens, and this can work, but it can also damage certain styles of TV, so if you can avoid it, we would recommend it.

If you have fingerprints or streaks on your TV screen and you need to get them off quickly, you can use vinegar to do so. Spray a small amount of vinegar onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the TV gently. Have a spare clean and dry microfibre cloth handy, and use this to remove any residue once you’ve cleaned your TV. This will ensure a streak-free TV ready for watching your favourite programmes.

More cleaning tips

In conclusion

If your TV is really dirty, or it has lots of streaks on it, use a dedicated TV screen cleaner to remove these. Just make sure the TV screen cleaner you buy is suitable for your style of TV. If your TV is just a bit dusty, use a dry, clean microfibre cloth to remove all of the dust.

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