How to clean windows

Getting a streak-free shine on your windows seems near impossible to many of us. Professional window cleaners make it look easy, but if you have ever cleaned your windows yourself, you’ll know that it is anything but easy. Today, we’re looking at cleaning windows and how you can achieve a streak-free shine pretty easily with simple cleaning equipment.

How to clean windows

How to clean your windows

With the right window cleaning spray, cloth and techniques, cleaning your windows is fairly straightforward. But what are the tips on cleaning your windows? Well, here they are! The first window cleaning tip may sound a bit odd, but it is actually one of the best on this list.

Choose the right day

If you try to clean your windows on a hot day, the cleaning solution will dry out too quickly and leave streaks. So, try to clean your windows on a cloudy but dry day. That way, the solution won’t dry out too quickly so you can wipe it off nice and evenly. If its summer, you can start on the shady side of the house, which should help matters.

Give your windows a dusting first

We know that dusting your windows may make you look a bit odd to your neighbours, but it can really help when trying to achieve a nice finish. Dusting your windows first allows the window cleaner to do its job a lot easier. You can dust your windows by using your vacuum cleaner or with a microfibre cloth. Just make sure to use a fresh cloth for the cleaning stage.

tips on cleaning your windows

Window cleaning solutions

Most commercial window cleaning sprays do work really well as long as you use enough of it. Don’t shy away from using loads of window cleaning solution on each window as this helps it cut through the grime and will improve your finish.

Use a microfibre cloth

We’re sure you’ve seen some people use newspaper for drying off their windows, but microfibre cloths work perfectly well. Keep wiping your window until it is dry, once it is, it will be streak-free and awesome!

 No need to squeegee

If you’re cleaning your windows in your home, using a squeegee will leave cleaning solution all over your floor or window sill. So, skip this step. As long as you have dried your windows well enough with the microfibre cloth, you don’t need to squeegee anyway, they will be nice and clean. This step can also be skipped when cleaning the outside of your windows too.

More cleaning tips

Don’t forget, if you use Cleaning Express’ cleaning services, we do offer window cleaning services. Just let your regular cleaner know, or let the end of tenancy or deep clean team know, and they will clean the interior of your windows. We hope these tips on cleaning windows have given you everything you need to get a streak-free shine on your windows.

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