What Makes a Good Office Cleaner?

If you’re looking for an office cleaner for your business, you’ll know that it can be quite a challenge to find the best cleaner for the job. A good office cleaner possesses a combination of skills, traits, and qualities that contribute to maintaining a clean, organised, and welcoming work environment. We’re going to break down these attributes below so that when you’re looking for an office cleaner, you know exactly who to hire.

what makes a good office cleaner

The key attributes a good office cleaner must have

Attention to Detail

A good office cleaner pays attention to even the smallest details to ensure that every area is thoroughly cleaned and no dirt or mess is overlooked. While good quality training can provide a skill set that is very important for a cleaner, skills like attention to detail are only possible if you are passionate about the job.

Reliability and Punctuality

Being dependable and arriving on time is crucial for maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule and ensuring that the office is clean when employees arrive for work. Arriving late can delay the business or interrupt the workflow of the employees. A good cleaner simply won’t let this happen.


A good office cleaner should maintain a professional demeanour and appearance throughout the cleaning session. They should be courteous with office staff and respect confidentiality and privacy.

Good Work Ethic

Cleaning can be physically demanding, so having a strong work ethic is essential for completing tasks efficiently and effectively.
A proactive cleaner takes the initiative to identify areas that need attention, whether it’s restocking supplies, reporting maintenance issues, or suggesting improvements to the cleaning routine. From there, they can let the cleaning company know or their contact at the business.


Office spaces can vary in layout and cleaning requirements. A good cleaner can adapt their approach to different areas and situations, ensuring all spaces are cleaned properly. Office cleaners should always be prepared to adapt their approaches whenever they arrive at the business. If a cleaning emergency pops up, they need to adapt and take care of the situation.

Time Management

Efficiently managing time to complete tasks within the allocated schedule is vital for maintaining a clean office without disrupting daily operations. While some of this responsibility falls on the cleaning supervisor, it is the cleaner that must manage their own time to ensure all cleaning is done without disrupting the daily operations of the business.

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Knowledge of Cleaning Techniques

A good cleaner must be familiar with various cleaning methods, products, and equipment, ensuring that different surfaces and materials are treated appropriately.

Communication Skills

Clear communication with office staff and supervisors is crucial for understanding specific cleaning needs and coordinating any necessary changes to the cleaning schedule.

Organisational Skills

Keeping track of cleaning schedules, supplies, and equipment maintenance requires good organisational skills to ensure a smooth cleaning process.

Health and Safety Awareness

A good cleaner is aware of proper health and safety protocols, including the correct use of cleaning chemicals, handling waste disposal, and preventing accidents. For a professional cleaner, this is vital. It keeps the staff of the business, the cleaner, and the environment safe.

Problem-Solving Abilities

When encountering challenging cleaning situations or unexpected issues, a good cleaner can think critically and find effective solutions. This helps a cleaner maintain a business much more effectively.

Positive Attitude

A cleaner that is passionate about their job and happy to be doing it can really make a huge difference. This can help motivate the office staff, make them feel comfortable when the cleaner is there, and brings a bit more positivity into the office, which is never a bad thing.

In Conclusion

A great office cleaner is someone that is passionate about their job and takes pride in their work. They consistently deliver high-quality cleaning and contribute to maintaining a clean and comfortable workspace for everyone. A good cleaner should have high-quality training to allow them to tackle all cleaning tasks safely and efficiently and excellent time management skills and communication skills. In short, a cleaner should be as effective and hard-working as your employees. This is the best way to ensure that the cleaning of your business goes as smoothly as the business operations of your company.

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