How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

Outsourcing office cleaning is fairly common for businesses. Generally, it can work out as a more cost-effective option than hiring an in-house cleaning team, as it means you don’t have to buy equipment, training, etc.

But how much does office cleaning cost? As you can imagine, many variables can affect the price, and it’s worth knowing more about these before you get your office cleaned.

In this article, we’ll look at how much office cleaning costs and what can affect the price.

how much does office cleaning cost

Cost of Office Cleaning Per Hour

The cost of office cleaning per hour can vary massively. For example, you could pay as little as £15 an hour or as much as a few hundred. This depends on the number of cleaning staff you’re paying and how thorough a job you’re expecting them to do.

For example, a straightforward hoovering, bin emptying and surface cleaning service won’t be super expensive. But if you’re paying for a deep clean that involves carpet shampooing and other labour-intensive services, you can expect to pay a bit more.

Average Office Cleaning Cost Per Hour in UK

In the UK, the average cost per hour for office cleaning can range between £20 and £30 an hour. This is for general cleaning services, as extensive cleaning can set you back £100 an hour or more.

Unsurprisingly, the hourly cost of cleaning is higher in cities than in quieter areas, and it can also be affected by the availability of cleaning companies in the area and how many clients they have.

Average Office Cleaning Cost Per Hour in London

The average cleaning cost per hour in London is higher than the UK average. You could expect to pay £25-£40 an hour for office cleaners for general cleaning. For more in-depth jobs, you could pay as much as £200 an hour depending on what actually needs doing.

When searching for office cleaning services in London, you should contact the company first and discuss your needs. They should be able to give you a rough price based on your requirements, meaning you can make an informed decision before paying for their services.

Factors Affecting Office Cleaning Cost

As with any hourly-paid job, there are lots of factors that affect the price of office cleaning. When arranging an office cleaning service, think about the following and how they might impact your cost.

Size of Office

It should be fairly obvious that a big office will take longer to clean than a smaller one, meaning the cost will be higher. There isn’t really a guideline for how long a specific room will take to clean, as it’ll depend on furniture, how dirty it is, and more.

If you have an especially big office, your cleaning company will probably send several employees to get the job done quicker. This’ll bring the price up quite quickly, as you’ll simply be paying for more staff.

Number of Hours

Again, this is an obvious factor when working out the hourly cost of office cleaning. The number of hours needed to clean an office will depend on size, extent of the work, number of cleaners, etc.

For example, you might have a small office, which would usually be quick to clean. But if you wanted carpet shampooing, for example, you should expect the job to take a lot longer. Not only will the carpet have to be prepped but you’ll also have to wait for it to dry before you can use it again. This means it’ll need to happen when your office is shut, which could add another premium cost to the service.


As mentioned, location can have a big impact on the cost of office cleaning services. Office cleaning in cities will typically be more expensive, if not only because cleaners can charge more because their work is in higher demand.

If you’re unfamiliar with the cost of office cleaning, it might be worth speaking to several companies to get an idea of the price. Remember, though, the cheapest is very rarely the best! Quality of work is far more important, but this should be balanced against price to find a decent middle ground.

Benefits of Office Cleaners

While all this can sound like an expensive thing to arrange, there are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your office cleaning work. Some of the main advantages include:

  • No need for an in-house team. This means you can be far more flexible with when cleaning happens and how often.
  • You don’t need your own equipment. You might be surprised at how much office cleaning equipment actually costs. Outsourcing to a cleaning company means you don’t have to worry about spending thousands on cleaning equipment.
  • Working with highly-trained professionals. Just as you’d outsource any other specialist service, hiring cleaners means you can benefit from their specialisation whenever you need it. This ensures a very high standard of work in your office.

The bottom line is that office cleaners will work to a high standard and keep your office clean and fresh for your employees. Importantly, cleaners will also cover things like disinfection and breakroom and bathroom cleaning, which are vital for keeping your office spaces sanitary.


Although the cost of office cleaning can vary massively across the UK, there are some fairly obvious factors that affect its price. For example, the size and location of your office, and the type of cleaning you need can bring the price up.

Even so, outsourcing your office cleaning is generally a more cost-effective and simpler option than hiring an in-house team of cleaners.

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