The differences between end of tenancy cleaning and one-off deep cleaning

Cleaning Express has been providing cleaning services across London for years. Two of our cleaning services that our customers really like are our one-off deep clean service and our end of tenancy cleaning service. Today, we’re looking at these cleaning services to see what the differences are and which one you may want to choose for your home in London. These cleaning services do sound similar. However, there are a few differences. This article about one-off deep cleans and end of tenancy cleaning will help you choose the perfect cleaning service for your needs.

differences between end of tenancy cleaning and one-off deep cleaning

What is a one-off deep clean?

A one-off deep clean is a tailored cleaning service available to all of our cleaning customers. Our deep clean team can come into your home and give it a thorough clean from top to bottom. This is perfect for if you’ve just moved into a new property and the last owners have left it in a bit of a state. It is also great if you haven’t had too much time to clean recently and need a helping hand getting your home back to your high standards.

The best part about our one-off deep clean services is that they are totally tailored to your needs. So, if you need our deep clean team to come in and clean your carpets and upholstery while ensuring that your home is dust-free, they can. If you don’t need the carpet cleaning, but do need hardwood flooring mopped and disinfected, as well as the fridge and the oven cleaning, the deep clean team can do it.

Our one-off deep clean services are done with all of your belongings in place. We will, of course, reach neglected areas during the cleaning process to ensure your home is as clean as possible. However, there is no need to remove any of your belongings, we will clean them, under them and around them.

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What is end of tenancy cleaning?

Our end of tenancy cleaning services are much the same as our one-off cleaning services. However, they involve a complete clean of your rented property ready for handing over to your landlord. We come into a rented property after your belongings are removed to do this cleaning. However, we can still provide carpet cleaning surfaces and upholstery cleaning if the rented property needs it. We also clean the fridge, freezer and oven to a very high standard. And any places commonly missed in regular cleaning like skirting boards, kitchen cupboards and behind the toilet.

To ensure the cleaning is done to the highest standards that landlords and estate agents require, our team use comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist. We know requirements of inventory clerks inspecting your property when you move out. Our goal with end of tenancy cleaning is to ensure your landlord receives a very clean and tidy property and you receive as much of your deposit back.


Our one-off cleaning services are the perfect way to get your home in tip-top shape. Whether you need us to clean your entire property from top to bottom, or a few rooms, our deep clean team can do it. Our end of tenancy cleaning is excellent for anyone that wants to take a bit of stress out of moving and leave their landlords with a fresh, clean property to rent out again.

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We hope this look at our one-off deep cleaning services and our end of tenancy cleaning has been helpful. To book in for any of these cleaning services from Cleaning Express, give us a call or send us a message via website or facebook.