What does end of lease cleaning include

Cleaning Express has provided end of tenancy cleaning services across London for many years. These services are a fantastic way of leaving a property in exactly the same condition it was when you first moved in.

This blog post about end-of-tenancy cleaning is going to answer your questions about the service and let you know why Cleaning Express is the best company in London to provide your move-out cleaning.

So let’s find out about this type of cleaning service and why tenants and landlords benefit from it.

What does end of tenancy cleaning mean for tenants?

Tenants who take advantage of move-out cleaning services get peace of mind. They know that their rented property is left in a very clean condition for their landlords.

Our cleaning team will clean every inch of your rented property and include areas commonly missed in regular cleaning. This will ensure you get back as much of your deposit as possible.

Our team uses an end of tenancy cleaning checklist to ensure every area of the property is perfect.

What does end of lease cleaning mean to landlords and estate agents?


end of tenancy cleaning of kitchen in London

For landlords, end-of-lease cleaning means that they can often hand over a property to a new renter without needing to clean it at all. It saves the landlord time and money because a professional cleaning company has thoroughly cleaned their rental property beforehand.

For estate agents, this cleaning means that they can show a property in the best light possible. So, they have a good chance of getting someone new into the property very quickly. Which is also great for landlords, of course.

Can landlords charge a tenant for an end of tenancy clean?

If the landlord or estate agent that does the handover of your rented property deems that the cleaning hasn’t been done to a high standard, additional cleaning charges can be added to your security deposit. Landlords and or estate agents use an agency-approved checklist to ensure that every area of the property is cleaned to these standards.

Any professional cleaning prior to handover should also be using this checklist to ensure that every area of the home falls within the guidelines set out in the checklist. This ensures that the tenant will be in occurrence with their tenancy agreement and no further cleaning charges will be applied.

landlord or estate agent using an end of tenancy cleaning checklist

Checklist for end of tenancy cleaning

An end of tenancy cleaning service aims to leave a property in the same condition as when the tenant moved in. This means that the tenant’s deposit can be returned in full, and the whole situation is much less stressful for the tenants and the landlords.

To help us with this, we use cleaning checklist. We keep it up to date to ensure that our cleaners are cleaning to ever-stricter guidelines. Landlords and property management services are checking properties extremely thoroughly now. Without a comprehensive checklist, even a professional end of lease cleaner may likely miss areas now commonly checked by landlords.

What does an end of tenancy cleaning include?

An end of tenancy clean from professional cleaners should include a complete deep clean of the entire property. Professional end of tenancy clean uses a checklist to ensure that no area of the property is missed during the professional cleaning. It is designed to create a blank canvas for the new tenants and ensure you receive as much of your security deposit as possible.

So cleaning companies will do all of the cleaning tasks around your home, including wiping the skirting boards, window frames and door frames, mopping floors, dusting all areas, cleaning the kitchen appliances and kitchen cupboards, cleaning behind the toilets, and a great deal more.

In short, this cleaning service is a complete cleaning of an entire property ready for new tenants.

How much does an end of tenancy cleaning cost on average?

The average cleaning costs of an end of tenancy clean depend on the size of your property and where in the UK you are. For example, you can expect to pay a bit more if you are in London and your home is quite large.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the average costs of end of tenancy cleans from a professional end of tenancy cleaning team:

  • Studio flat – £180
  • One bed, one bath flat – £220
  • Two bed, two bath flat – £260
  • Two bed, one bath house – £300
  • Three bed, one bath house – £350
  • Four bed, one bath house – £400

This is a base rate for an end of tenancy clean for different-sized homes. This is a deep cleaning service following a checklist to ensure every area of the home is perfectly cleaned.

This won’t include additional cleaning services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, for example. Carpet cleaning is a great addition to an end of tenancy cleaning and can ensure you receive all of your security deposit back.


As we said, Cleaning Express has been delivering end of tenancy cleaning services in London for many years.

We always ensure cleaning checklists are up-to-date with the most thorough estate agents in London. This takes the stress out of cleaning a rented property for the tenants, landlords and estate agents.

So if you’re leaving a rented property soon and would like a superb move-out cleaning service, choose Cleaning Express.  Our end of tenancy cleaners can be with you as quickly as tomorrow.

For more information about end of tenancy cleaning services, please explore our website further. To book your end of tenancy cleaning service from Cleaning Express, give us a call or send us a message via contact us page or facebook.

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What is end of tenancy cleaning

Cleaning Express has been providing cleaning services across London for years. Two of our cleaning services that our customers really like are our one-off deep clean service and our end of tenancy cleaning service. Today, we’re looking at these cleaning services to see what the differences are and which one you may want to choose for your home in London. These cleaning services do sound similar. However, there are a few differences. This article about one-off deep cleans and end of tenancy cleaning will help you choose the perfect cleaning service for your needs.

differences between end of tenancy cleaning and one-off deep cleaning

What is a one-off deep clean?

A one-off deep clean is a tailored cleaning service available to all of our cleaning customers. Our deep clean team can come into your home and give it a thorough clean from top to bottom. This is perfect for if you’ve just moved into a new property and the last owners have left it in a bit of a state. It is also great if you haven’t had too much time to clean recently and need a helping hand getting your home back to your high standards.

The best part about our one-off deep clean services is that they are totally tailored to your needs. So, if you need our deep clean team to come in and clean your carpets and upholstery while ensuring that your home is dust-free, they can. If you don’t need the carpet cleaning, but do need hardwood flooring mopped and disinfected, as well as the fridge and the oven cleaning, the deep clean team can do it.

Our one-off deep clean services are done with all of your belongings in place. We will, of course, reach neglected areas during the cleaning process to ensure your home is as clean as possible. However, there is no need to remove any of your belongings, we will clean them, under them and around them.

Please read our article on what is included in a deep clean.

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

Our end of tenancy cleaning services are much the same as our one-off cleaning services. However, they involve a complete clean of your rented property ready for handing over to your landlord. We come into a rented property after your belongings are removed to do this cleaning. However, we can still provide carpet cleaning surfaces and upholstery cleaning if the rented property needs it. We also clean the fridge, freezer and oven to a very high standard. And any places commonly missed in regular cleaning like skirting boards, kitchen cupboards and behind the toilet.

To ensure the cleaning is done to the highest standards that landlords and estate agents require, our team use comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist. We know requirements of inventory clerks inspecting your property when you move out. Our goal with end of tenancy cleaning is to ensure your landlord receives a very clean and tidy property and you receive as much of your deposit back.


Our one-off cleaning services are the perfect way to get your home in tip-top shape. Whether you need us to clean your entire property from top to bottom, or a few rooms, our deep clean team can do it. Our end of tenancy cleaning is excellent for anyone that wants to take a bit of stress out of moving and leave their landlords with a fresh, clean property to rent out again.

Read our article on the difference between a deep and clean and a regular clean.

We hope this look at our one-off deep cleaning services and our end of tenancy cleaning has been helpful. To book in for any of these cleaning services from Cleaning Express, give us a call or send us a message via website or facebook.

Domestic cleaning is a regular clean of your home. While an end of tenancy clean is a deep scrub of an entire rented property. While both jobs involve cleaning, they are relatively different. So, we’re going to breakdown the cleaning services that Cleaning Express provide in this article and show you the differences between regular domestic cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. So, let’s get started!

What is Domestic Cleaning?

Our domestic cleaning service at Cleaning Express includes every cleaning task that our customers require us to do. However, typically, these cleaner tasks are not all done at once. Instead, our cleaners will tackle certain cleaning tasks each time they enter our customer’s homes. So, one week our cleaners may tidy the downstairs of a house, dust and mop the kitchen floors, for example. Another week, they may iron, stack the dishwasher and vacuum. So, while Cleaning Express’ domestic cleaning services include all cleaning tasks, they are not performed at the same time.

Read our article about what is domestic cleaning to learn more.

What’s End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning services include every cleaning service that we offer our domestic cleaning customers regularly and more. So what is the End of Tenancy Cleaning? We go into a rented property and clean every inch of it. We clean the kitchen cupboards, behind the toilet, the skirting boards and even the oven. We can clean the carpets and upholstery too. We use a checklist for all of our end of tenancy cleaning services that most of the estate agents in London use to check a property when it is handed back to them. This checklist is designed to show any areas that aren’t clean. Our cleaners use it to ensure that a rented property is always handed back in the cleanest condition possible.

See our end of tenancy cleaning checklist

The difference between domestic and end of tenancy cleaning

So, think of end of tenancy cleaning as a deep clean or purge. It is completely going over an entire property (typically in a few hours) to make it appear as clean and new as possible. Domestic cleaning is where our customers have a regular cleaner that comes into their home every day, week or month, whatever works best for them. That cleaner will tackle any cleaning tasks that customer needs them too in the allotted time they have.

difference between regular domestic and end of tenancy cleaning

Can a homeowner have an end of tenancy-type cleaning of their home?

Yes, they can. Here are Cleaning Express these are called Deep Cleaning Services. They are exactly the same as our end of tenancy cleaning services. We can clean your carpets, upholstery, oven, skirting boards and every other inch of your home. Our deep cleaning services are perfect if you’ve just moved into a new house and want to make it feel like a home. They are also great if you have been a bit too busy to clean and need a hand getting your home back in shape. Our domestic cleaners can then come in and help you keep it at a high standard after our spring cleaners have been in.

We hope this look at end of tenancy and domestic cleaning has been helpful. Before you head off to the booking form, please check out our cleaning reviews on TrustPilot. They are always on hand to tell you about our tailor-made cleaning services in London.

Want to know the difference between a deep clean and a regular clean? Read our article now.

commercial carpet cleanerFinding a commercial carpet cleaner in London used to be difficult. That was until Cleaning Express started to provide the very best carpet cleaning services all across London. Now any business in London that needs to maintain their carpets gives us a call and is left amazed at how clean we leave their carpets. We used the best carpet cleaning equipment available to ensure that all of our commercial cleaner customers are left with a carpet that provides the very best impression to their customers.

The easy way to tell you about how good our carpet cleaning services are is to say that we use our carpet cleaning equipment to clean pub carpets! Oh yes! We’re sure you have seen some pub carpets that have been a little worse for wear, to say the least. We also use our carpet cleaning equipment to clean a whole host of other businesses across London too. Hotels often take advantage of our carpet cleaner services during our regular cleaning sessions. As hotels need to make an excellent first impression on their customers and then keep that impression going throughout their customers stay with them, our carpet cleaning services are perfect for this.

We also provide our commercial carpet cleaning services to restaurants, offices and any other kind of businesses in London. Our carpet cleaner services are available to any commercial property in London, and they are completely tailor-made for each business. So, if you require carpet cleaning in one room of your business or you need all of the carpets in your business cleaned to a very high standard, Cleaning Express has you covered! See our reviews here and give us a call today. We’ll get our expert carpet cleaner out to you as quickly as tomorrow for a tailored carpet cleaning service that will leave a huge smile on your face.

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business cleaningCleaning Express provides the best business cleaning services across London. When you need business cleaning services, you need a cleaning team that is depending, flexible and trustworthy. We have worked hard to fully trained our cleaners in all aspect of cleaning a business, and we clean a lot of different companies. From car garages to restaurants and hotels, Cleaning Express cleans them all. Whether you need a cleaning team to come into your office or your car showroom, our team will clean your business to the highest standards possible.

As we clean so many businesses across London, we know that our cleaning services have to be flexible. Our hotel cleaning customers require very different cleaning services to our shop cleaning customers, for example. Our car showroom cleaning customers require us to get their showrooms ready to greet customers with open arms and provide the best first impression possible. Our shop customers require the same thing, but in many cases, they also require a lot of dusting, which our cleaners are also happy to do.

In short, whatever business you own in London, Cleaning Express can provide all of the cleaning services you need. If you need us to come and hoover your office once a week, for example, we can do it. We’ll also clean your business at a time to suit you too. We don’t want to distract your employer’s and bug them with our cleaning equipment, so we can clean your business before you open or when you close, whenever suits you.

All of our commercial cleaning services are tailored to you. We can clean your business in London every day or once a week, even once a year if you need us to. And we will only ever do the cleaning tasks you need us too. Cleaning Express is the perfect cleaning company to clean your business, give us a call today on 203 633 0390 and organise your first cleaning session. See what other customers say about us on TrustPilot.

building cleaningFor a commercial building in London, finding a cleaning team that can (and sometimes wants) to clean it used to be really difficult. Well, Cleaning Express is the cleaning team you need. Our expert cleaning team never shies away from the big jobs. They clean some of the biggest buildings in London. From hotels and car showrooms to restaurants and even huge art galleries, we can clean them all. The cleaners at Cleaning Express can help maintain the cleanliness of any building in London.

Our entire cleaning team are vetted and fully trained in all the cleaning tasks that our customers may require. This doesn’t mean that our cleaners will come into your building and provide every cleaning task that they know, though, unless you require them. You see, our cleaning services are totally tailored to all of our customers. If you have a building that you need the carpets cleaning in, our carpet cleaner will come in and provide the best clean those carpets have ever seen. If your building needs a serious dusting, our cleaners will provide the best dusting known to man.

Cleaning Express provides building cleaning whenever our customers need it. We can come into your building and provide a one-off spring clean. Or we can clean your building every week to maintain the cleanliness of it. Whether you need us to clean the communal areas of a flat block or clean a warehouse, Cleaning Express is here to help.

Give us a call today on 203 633 0390. Tell our lovely call centre what type of cleaning you need. They will set up a tailored cleaning service for you with all of the cleaning tasks that you require and none that you don’t at a very reasonable price. Our cleaners are here to help you keep your building in the best condition possible. See what others say about Cleaning Express.

apartment cleaning servicesIf you’re looking for apartment cleaning services in your area, you have found the best cleaning team in London to provide the cleaning services you need. At Cleaning Express, we understand the challenge it is to keep an apartment clean. You lead a busy life, cleaning is often the task that takes a back seat when you work full time and maintain a good social life. And rightly so! Cleaning your apartment shouldn’t get in the way of your job and certainly shouldn’t get in the way of having fun! However, missing a few cleaning tasks in your apartment can really add up, and you need a cleaner to come in and help.

At Cleaning Express we offer the best apartment cleaning services in London. Not because our cleaning team is fully trained in all aspect of domestic cleaning, even though they are. Not because our cleaners are all fully vetted, even though, again, they are. But because our apartment cleaning services are totally tailored to each of our cleaning customers. That’s right when you choose Cleaning Express to come into your flat and clean it, you get all of the cleaning services you need and none that don’t.

So, whether you need our cleaning team to come into your apartment and provide a deep clean once a year. A maid service once a week or you need your carpet cleaned after a party, Cleaning Express is there for you. We provide all of the cleaning services that you’ll ever need, whenever you need them.

Apartment cleaning – how to book

Our apartment cleaning services are really affordable and really easy to set up too. Give the lovely folks at the Cleaning Express a call right now on 203 633 0390 and find out more about the Cleaning Express apartment cleaning services by contacting via Facebook. No matter what cleaning tasks you need, we’re here to do them for you.

flat cleaning londonWhether you own or rent your flat, our flat cleaning services in London can really help you stay on top of cleaning tasks. If you find yourself with a never-ending list of cleaning to do, Cleaning Express can help. Our expert cleaning team can take on any cleaning tasks that you don’t have time for. We can wash up, wash your clothes, dust, hoover, iron, clean your kitchen and bathroom. Any cleaning tasks you need doing, we can do to the highest standards possible.

Our flat cleaning service in London doesn’t just end while you’re living in your flat either. We also offer our flat cleaning to people who are moving out. If you rent your flat and want to leave it in the best possible state for the next occupant, Cleaning Express can once again help. We can come into your flat and give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. During our end of lease cleaning, we use a checklist that most London-based estate agents use. This means our cleaners will make sure that your flat is left ready for the next person to move in. This means that your flat will be perfectly clean and you stand a great chance of receiving your full deposit back.

Keep your flat clean

Whether your flat cleaning needs can be solved by having a regular maid, or you’re moving out of your flat and need a deep clean of the property, Cleaning Express is here to help. Our cleaning services are the most comprehensive in London. Give Cleaning Express a call today on 0203 633 0390and find out more about how our cleaners will help you keep on top of the cleaning tasks in your flat. Our London-based customer service team can tailor build your cleaning services and ensure you get the perfect cleaner for your flat in London. See our reviews on TrustPilot.

end of lease cleaningEnd of lease cleaning is vital for anyone leaving a flat or house. To leave your leased home in the best condition for your landlords, you need the best end of lease cleaning possible. Well, you’ve come to the best place. Cleaning Express offers our end of lease cleaning all over London and have done for years. Our specialist team of cleaners can be at your leased property as quickly as the next day. Our cleaning team will quickly get to work and leave the property so clean your landlords will love you!

Our cleaning dream team has all of the skills you need too. Our cleaners can tackle every inch of your home, from the kitchen cupboards to the skirting boards and the tight corners of your bathroom that you may have missed during your time in the property. Our cleaners can also tackle the carpets too. We have a dedicated carpet cleaner that can join our cleaning team in your leased property. They work wonders on all carpets and soft furnishings. If you have a pet, our carpet cleaning will make sure that your property is hair-free and smell-free when they leave.

Our end of lease cleaning is designed to be tailored to our customer’s needs. So, when you book with Cleaning Express, we will create a custom-made cleaning service for you. This cleaning service will be checked by a supervisor to ensure that every inch of your property is perfectly cleaned. With our cleaning team on hand, you have the best chance of receiving your entire deposit back from your leased home.

So, if you need end of lease cleaning, come to the cleaning dream team. Cleaning Express is ready and waiting to make your move a lot less stressful and make your leased property spick and span ready for the next occupant. Here is a short video about our services.

antiviral sanitisationYour home or business must be keeping you safe at this vital time. With our Antiviral Sanitisation services, you can be sure that your environment is protecting your employees and your family from harmful viruses like COVID-19. Our antiviral cleaning services are perfect for any businesses returning to the office or to protect your home from bacteria and viruses. This service is not part of regular commercial office cleaning service.

The technicians at Cleaning Express who carry out all of our Antiviral Disinfection services are fully trained on all the equipment they use. They are also trained in all of the best practises, using this equipment in the most effective way possible. When you phone Cleaning Express to book your antiviral sanitisation cleaning, we ask a few quick questions about your property. We assess what needs to be done. Then our technicians will come in a prepare your office or home for the disinfection process. Then, we use a fogging machine to spread a bio detergent over the area. This detergent is safe to us but deadly to any bacteria or viruses in the area. We leave the detergent for 60 minutes to kill any bacteria. After this, you’ll have a protective layer covering the surfaces of your home or office. Your office or home is now protecting your employees or family.

We offer our antiviral sanitisation services because London is a safer place to live and work because of them. We work hard to defend the people of London from viruses every day at Cleaning Express. These antiviral sanitisation services are just another feather in our bacteria-fighting cap. If you’re returning to work, you need to protect your office from viruses, give Cleaning Express a call today. Want to protect your home from viruses and bacteria? Cleaning Express is waiting for your call too. Speaking with the amazing Cleaning Express customer service team to book your antiviral sanitisation today, you’ll be glad you did!

Call us on 0203 633 0390 or complete this form to get a free quote. Read our reviews on TrustPilot or Reviews.io