what is regular domestic cleaning

Below, we’re answering what is domestic cleaning and what you can expect from a domestic cleaning session. We’ll also explore the differences between domestic cleaning services and other common cleaning services that people use to help you choose the right cleaning service for your home.

What is domestic cleaning: What to expect from domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is a type of cleaning service to help with the weekly cleaning chores or one-off cleans that you don’t have time or expertise to do. These time-consuming household cleaning tasks can often pile up, so home cleaning services can be used to help.

The cleaning duties of a domestic cleaner vary depending on your weekly needs. A consistent cleaning service is usually enough for most households to maintain a high standard of cleaning throughout the home.

What do regular domestic cleaning services include?

Domestic cleaners will do a variety of cleaning tasks to help you manage the cleanliness of your home. This could be vacuuming carpets, wiping the kitchen surfaces, dusting, emptying bins, cleaning the bathroom or changing bedding, for example. Home cleaning services may also include things like ironing, stacking the dishwasher, putting the washing on, folding laundry, making beds, mopping floors etc.

House cleaners are there to help with the everyday cleaning tasks that need to be done around the home. A typical regular domestic cleaning session is two hours per week. So, a cleaner won’t be able to do things like oven cleaning, carpet cleaning or deep cleaning during these sessions. If you feel that your home is in need of a thorough cleaning, then you can get a one-off deep clean as a separate service.

one-off domestic cleaning

Difference between domestic and End of Tenancy Cleaning?

It is best to think of regular house cleaning as a cosmetic cleaning of your home. The cleaners will vacuum, for example, but won’t move the furniture to get every area of the carpet.

An end-of-tenancy clean, though, is much just like a deep cleaning of the property. Every inch of the property will be cleaned perfectly. This includes the kitchen cabinets, behind the toilet, and every other commonly missed area. Our cleaners even use a cleaning checklist to ensure we don’t miss any areas that could result in additional charges to our customers.

Carpet cleaning, oven cleaning and window cleaning can also be added to end of tenancy cleans to ensure that the property looks perfect for handover.

While our professional home cleaning service is ideal for general cleaning help around the home or for a spring clean, our end of tenancy cleans are the best option to use if you are moving out of your rented property. They ensure an exceptionally good cleaning of the whole property and can help you avoid any cleaning charge being added to your deposit.

Read our article about the differences between domestic deep cleaning and End of Tenancy cleaning to learn more.

Average domestic cleaning service rates in the UK

The average hourly rate you pay for house cleaning services in the UK at the moment is between £15 and £25 per hour. This depends on the quality of the cleaning company and the area you live in.

Do domestic cleaners need to be insured?

While there is no law that states a cleaner must have insurance, any good quality cleaning company will have various insurance policies to protect their customers and staff. If any damage occurs in our customer’s homes during one of our cleaning sessions, we have the insurance to cover all damage and resolve the matter quickly.


house cleaners preparing a bed

Can a domestic cleaner customise their cleaning jobs?

Yes, they can. Well, the domestic cleaners at Cleaning Express are more than happy to customise the cleaning services they provide to clients; some cleaners may vary, though.

Sadly, our regular cleaners can’t offer a one-off deep clean, for example, during a standard house cleaning session, but you can book a deep cleaning session as a separate appointment.

What other domestic services do cleaners provide?

Cleaning Express has a nice variety of house cleaning services to choose from; these include:

How to find a domestic cleaner?

For a professional cleaning service in London, give Cleaning Express a call today. We have years of experience providing the highest quality cleaning sessions to customers across the city. If you aren’t in London, look for a cleaning company that has plenty of experience, liability insurance and highly trained cleaners that can perform all of the cleaning you need.

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If you’ve been looking for move out cleaning for a while, you may have noticed that the end of tenancy cleaning prices can be a lot more than for regular domestic cleaning services. Why is this? Why are end of tenancy cleaning hourly rates so much higher than a standard domestic cleaning service? Well, there is a good reason, and today, we’re finding out why.

end of tenancy cleaning prices

Regular domestic cleaning prices in London

Regular domestic cleaning services in London will charge anywhere from £13-£18 per hour. A typical cleaning slot is two hours once a week or fortnightly. So, for regular domestic cleaning services, you can expect to pay £26-£36 per session either weekly or fortnightly.

During these regular cleaning sessions, a cleaner will come in and do all the weekly cleaning chores for which you don’t have time: hoovering, mopping, dusting, cleaning the kitchen, changing the beds, etc.

End of tenancy cleaning prices in London

The price for end of tenancy cleaning in London, though, is between £28 and £40 per hour. Depending on the property’s size, this cleaning can take anywhere from 4 to 8 plus hours. So, the average price for domestic end-of-tenancy cleaning in the UK is £297.50 according to Checkatrade, while for this type of cleaning service in London, you can expect to pay even more. Cleaning Express offers very competitive prices for this type of service, which you can check in our Instant Quote section.

Not from London? Click here for end of tenancy cleaning prices outside of London

Why the difference?

Why are the end of tenancy prices so high

End of tenancy cleaning services aren’t the same as regular cleaning sessions. End of tenancy cleaning is a much more involved operation, often including a team of cleaners, not just one person. They are also professionally trained cleaners using professional cleaning equipment, like carpet cleaning machines. The cleaning team also needs to be very flexible. Usually, end of tenancy cleaning is booked in without a lot of notice, and the cleaners must adapt to meet the needs of the customer and the landlord.

A lot of landlords and estate agents in London also use end of tenancy cleaning checklists. They are to confirm that the tenant has cleaned every square inch of the property. Because if they have missed anything, the landlord will need to hire professional cleaners to put things right. Estate agents and landlords have raised the standards and expect even neglected properties to look fantastic so that they avoid refurbishing the place. Unfortunately, this results in more disputes with cleaning companies, which has pushed the prices up.

That is why most professional cleaning service companies (including Cleaning Express) offer guarantees for their cleaning work during the end of tenancy cleans. So, if your landlord notices something your tenancy cleaners missed, you can phone them and get it put right, with no additional cost.

End of tenancy cleaning takes much longer than regular domestic cleaning because it is much more involved. Think of a regular cleaning service as keeping your home look brilliant, neat and tidy. And an end of tenancy clean, ensuring no signs of someone living on the property anymore. It wipes the slate clean and allows new tenants to move in the same day.


Can I use regular domestic cleaning services instead of the end of tenancy cleaning services?

Regular cleaning sessions do a fantastic job at keeping your home looking fabulous while you live there. A two-hour cleaning session once a week ensures your home looks spotless and feels welcoming.

However, a regular cleaner doesn’t have time to do every single cleaning task that is needed. For example, if you ask a cleaner to hoover, they will, but don’t have time to move the sofa and other furniture. So, there is likely some dust underneath your sofa while your house looks immaculate.

With an end of tenancy clean, though, every single area of every single room is cleaned to perfection. That includes kitchen cabinets, behind the toilet, the wardrobes and everything else most of us don’t clean weekly. That takes a team of cleaners a lot of hours to do. Our cleaner’s work is then tested with a checklist to ensure everything has been taken care of for you.

end of tenancy cleaning costRegular domestic cleaning is an excellent service and keeps your home looking great week in and week out. However, the end of tenancy cleaning services hit the reset button. They are designed to make it appear that no one has ever lived in the house. That takes time, experience, a team of cleaners and a lot of hard work. And that is why end of tenancy cleaning services in London cost the prices they do.

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office carpet cleaners

With more and more businesses offering an open plan, cool and exciting environment to work in, being an office worker is pretty awesome right now. However, offices need to look good to ensure everyone who visits and works in them feels good too.

Regular office cleaning services can go a long way in making an office look clean and tidy. But sometimes, you need to pull out the big cleaning guns. And today, we’re talking about one of the biggest guns in our cleaning arsenal: carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is an extremely valuable tool in offices. Before we tell you why, let’s first look at exactly what carpet cleaning is, shall we?

What is carpet cleaning?

We’re sure your regular cleaner vacuums the office carpet regularly, right? Well, carpet cleaning is a whole other type of cleaning. This service shampoos the carpet and draws loads more dirt, dust and grime out of the carpet than hoovering alone. Even when it comes to short pile carpets, like most found in offices, hoovering can only do so much. There will be a layer of dust, dirt and grime that a regular vacuum can’t reach.

A carpet cleaning machine forces cleaning products deep into the carpet and uses powerful suction to draw it back out. This process makes your carpet look brand new again. Now, you may be thinking that regular hoovering is doing a good job at keeping your carpet looking fresh and new. Well, take a look under any piece of furniture in your office that has been there for a while. You may be pretty shocked at how different the high-traffic areas look compared to the fresh carpet.

By using commercial carpet cleaning services in your office, you can ensure that the carpet throughout the office looks as good as the day it was laid. This has many advantages, here are just a few!

The benefits of carpet cleaning in offices

benefits of carpet cleaning in offices

It keeps high-traffic areas looking great

We mentioned this benefit above, but it’s worth repeating. Carpets in high-traffic areas in offices can quickly fade and look older than they are. Carpet cleaning massages the fibres in the carpet, gets rid of any dirt and dust within the carpet and can bring it back to life. Remember, these high-traffic areas are often the first place important clients and customers see when they enter your office. You need these spaces to look as good as the rest of your office to set the tone straight away.

Give a wonderful first impression of your business

Having a clean and tidy office is excellent. Every office should be lovely and tidy. However, when you have important clients coming to the office to make a business deal that is really important for everyone involved, it is best to go above and beyond with the regular office cleaning.

Having your carpet cleaned shows your clients that your business pays attention to the small details. It shows them that you’re serious about everything you do, including keeping your office looking great. It offers an inviting space to walk into, rather than the faded, jaded, old carpet that your competitor has.

Adds to a nice environment for your employees

We all know the reason your office looks the way it does. Yes, it is partly for offering wonderful impressions to your clients. But the other reason is for your employees. Your employees deserve a b

rilliant place to work hard for you. Well, if you’ve spent a lot of money kitting out the office into a cool space for your employees to work in, it is well worth keeping the investment going. Even after a few months, office carpets can fade. Still, carpet cleaning services can bring them back to life and keep your staff’s space looking and feeling amazing.

Reduces allergies

office carpet cleaning

Carpets hold a lot of dust and grime, more than we feel comfortable sharing with you here. Regular carpet cleaning sessions in offices can greatly reduce the risk of your employees getting allergies.

When the pollen count is high, your employees can track pollen into the office and set off everyone’s allergies. By cleaning the carpet regularly during periods where allergies are high, you greatly reduce the number of employees affected. This means your staff will be very happy, less snotty and teary, and you may even reduce sick days as a result.

If you’d like to have your office carpet professionally cleaned by NCCA certified professionals and you are in London, Cleaning Express can help. We offer carpet cleaning services across the city and can get your office’s carpet looking fresh and new in no time.

Please read our article about how to remove pet hair from carpet for more carpet-related information.

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what tasks can domestic cleaners doDomestic cleaners can help you massively with the daily cleaning tasks that you don’t have time to do. A lot of people aren’t too sure what actually a person carrying out domestic cleaning can do, though. Some people are surprised when cleaners inform them that they can’t do certain tasks during their visit. So, today, we’re looking at what domestic cleaners can do for you. Don’t worry, though, if a cleaning task you need doing isn’t mentioned below, Cleaning Express likely has a cleaning service perfect for your needs.

What is a domestic cleaner?

A domestic cleaner is someone that can come round to your home and help with daily chores that you don’t have time to do. Things like dusting, or cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, for example. When you book a cleaner through Cleaning Express, you are given an instruction sheet with loads of cleaning tasks on it. Filling out this form lets the cleaner know what cleaning tasks you need them to do during that visit. So, for example, you may need them to vacuum, wash up and change the beds. If a task changes (you have time to do the washing up, but not put the washing on, for example), you can let the cleaner know, and they can do the other task instead. A domestic cleaner is there is help you do the daily stuff; they can’t offer anything other than daily chores, though.

The tasks that domestic cleaners do include:

Changing beds
Tidy the kitchen
Mop floors
Tidy and clean the bathroom
Folding clothes
Washing clothes
Stacking and emptying dishwashers or washing up
Emptying bins
Watering flowers

Cleaning Express and our cleaners are generally pretty flexible when it comes to cleaning tasks. The cleaner you get each week from Cleaning Express doesn’t need to do the same cleaning duties every week. They can do the cleaning that you don’t have time to do. When you book your cleaning appointment, you can request additional cleaning tasks, and if the cleaner has time, they will do them. Our cleaners are here to help you and will do so within reason.

What can’t a domestic cleaner do?

Domestic cleaners don’t offer carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services. They also can’t do end of tenancy or deep cleaning services. This is because their time with each customer is limited. However, Cleaning Express can offer all of these cleaning services and more. So, if there’s a party coming up, for example, and would like a deep clean before or after the party, get in touch. Cleaning Express offers every cleaning service you can imagine. So just because your domestic cleaner can’t offer those services during their visit doesn’t mean Cleaning Express can’t.

If you have any questions about domestic cleaning, please explore the Cleaning Express blog further, or get in touch with our lovely Cleaning Express call centre. You can also view our cleaning reviews on Checkatrade.

how to prepare for end of tenancy cleaningWhen you are moving out of a property, it must be in the same condition as when you first moved in. Before you moved into your property, your landlord would have had it professionally cleaned. And the easiest and most stress-free way of getting it ready when moving out is to have it professionally cleaned again. Cleaning Express offers the best end of tenancy cleaning services in London. We take the stress out of moving out of rented accommodation. Many people aren’t too sure what to do before our cleaners arrive, though. So, if you’re having end of tenancy cleaning services, here is everything you need to do to prepare for them.

How to prepare for end of tenancy cleaning?

Remove all of your belongings


Follow the moving guide below on advice on packing and preparing your belongings.

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Removing all of your belongings really helps speed up the end of tenancy cleaning as it allows our cleaners to focus on the task and not have to move your furniture and things out of the way. If there are belongings in the property when our cleaners arrive, it makes their job a lot more difficult and can add time and money to the service.

Turn off the fridge and freezer

We’ll happily clean your fridge and freezer if it’s staying at the property. Please make sure both are turned off at least 24 hours before your cleaning appointment, and remove the food. Our cleaners will not clean the fridge or freezer if there is still food present.

Check for repairs

Repairs need to be made before our cleaners arrive. Repairs can often leave a mess that needs to be cleaned up, and so it makes sense to get all of this out of the way before we arrive.

Check your rental agreement

Your rental agreement may include the cleaning of something that isn’t typically covered in a usual end of tenancy clean. This could be cleaning the carpets or upholstery, for example. It is very important that you check your rental agreement, so you can notify the end of tenancy cleaning service you are using. We do offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services in conjunction with our end of tenancy cleaning, but they do cost extra and should be booked alongside your end of tenancy cleaning.

Booking your end of tenancy clean

Booking your end of tenancy clean is as simple as going on the Cleaning Express website and sending us a message. You can also call the Cleaning Express call centre and chat with one of our lovely call centre staff. They can provide a detailed price for the end of tenancy clean and book you in. While our end of tenancy cleaners can be with you as soon as tomorrow, it is also worth booking ahead, so you aren’t stressed leading up to the move.

So, that’s what you need to know about end of tenancy cleaning and how to prepare for it. End of tenancy cleaning takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders. Preparing for the clean is nice and simple too; just be prepared, and everything will go smoothly, and your property will be clean ready for the handover.

If you’re thinking about hiring an awesome cleaner from Cleaning Express to come into your home and clean it for you, you may be wondering what cleaning service would suit you best. You may think that a regular domestic cleaning service is perfect for you. However, you may have also seen our deep cleaning service and are now not too sure which to pick. Today, we’re looking at both of these cleaning services and the differences between them. This will then help you choose the perfect cleaning service for your needs.

domestic cleaner

Regular domestic clean

Regular domestic cleaning services are perfect for helping you keep on top of daily cleaning tasks. A Cleaning Express cleaner can come to your home once a month, once a week or daily and help you with any cleaning tasks you may need doing. These cleaning tasks include:

Washing up or filling the dishwasher
Washing and ironing clothes
Emptying bins
and more

These cleaning services help you keep your home clean regularly and are completely customisable for every visit. We provide you with a card that you can fill out to let the cleaner know which tasks to focus on that day. Of course, if your cleaning needs change, you can text or phone the cleaner and update them and ask them to do other cleaning duties. So, regular domestic cleaning services are perfect for keeping your home in tip-top condition regularly, but what about deep cleaning services?

Deep clean

We like to think of deep cleaning services as a spring clean any time of year. These are the cleaning services to use if you want to reorganise your home and get it back into pristine condition. During deep cleaning services, we offer a lot of the same services as our regular domestic cleaning services, but we also offer more. Deep cleaning services can include:

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Oven and cooker cleaning
Fridge and freezer cleaning
Curtain rail and skirting board cleaning
and more

Our deep cleaning services are basically months’ worth of regular cleaning in one day. Our deep cleaning team will come into your home and quickly and carefully transform it into the perfect space for your family.

deep cleaning

To summarise

So, regular domestic cleaning services are designed for helping you stay on top of everyday cleaning tasks. Deep cleaning services are there to help you organise your home and get it back to its former glory again. A deep clean is perfect if you have struggled to stay on top of cleaning recently. Then you can use our regular domestic cleaning service to keep your home looking great!

If you’re in London, Cleaning Express has a cleaning service that is perfect for your needs. All of Cleaning Express’ domestic cleaning services are totally customisable to your needs.  You will never have to pay for a cleaning service that you don’t need, and the cleaning that we do is guaranteed (literally) to be the best! So, if you are in London and would like a cleaner in your home, give Cleaning Express a call today or message us on Facebook. Whether you’d like a domestic cleaner to come into your home once a week, or you’d like a deep clean service, our cleaners are here to help.

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End of tenancy clean

Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning team will transform your flat and make it ready for new tenants within few hours. We are sure most people can speak from experience, that using end of tenancy cleaning services is the best decision a tenant could make when leaving a property. Here are some FAQs about end of tenancy cleaning services to help you make your mind up about these cleaning services. You will find out why tenants should use end of tenancy cleaning services.

End of tenancy cleaning services FAQs

What do landlords look at when doing inventory checks?

When a landlord does an inventory check of your property, they are making sure that everything is in good working order. So, for example, if white goods were included when you moved in, they may check that the fridge and washing machine still work and are clean. They will also check common areas that are usually missed during regular cleaning. This includes kitchen cupboards and behind the toilet. They will also check for any stains on the carpet and damage to door frames, paintwork and etc. Many of the landlords in London use the same inventory checklist. Cleaning Express uses the same end of tenancy checklist when carrying out move out cleaning. Ensuring we clean every area that a landlord is likely to check. Cleaning Express offers carpet steam cleaning service, as well as the upholstery cleaning.

why tenants should use end of tenancy services

Are end of tenancy cleaning services more expensive than regular domestic cleaning services?

Yes, end of tenancy cleaning services are a bit more expensive than a regular cleaning service. This is because end of tenancy cleaning is much more involved and a far more thorough clean. Domestic cleaning is intended to keep on top of cleaning tasks and make sure the home looks nice. End of tenancy cleaning, though, is designed to get a property ready for its new tenants. Therefore no signs of previous occupants are left behind.

Are end of tenancy cleaning services needed if you already have a cleaner?

Yes. Our domestic cleaners do a fantastic job at keeping our customer’s homes clean and tidy. However, these cleaning services only involve day to day cleaning tasks. Such as, vacuuming, dusting and ironing. End of tenancy cleaning may include carpet cleaning, kitchen cabinet cleaning, full bathroom cleaning, and so much more. Domestic cleaners are perfect for staying on top of everyday cleaning jobs, end of tenancy cleaners wipe the slate clean.

Are end of tenancy cleaning services customisable?

At Cleaning Express, our end of tenancy cleaning services are totally customisable to suit your needs. For example, we can include carpet cleaning services and fridge cleaning services. If your property doesn’t have carpets and it is your fridge, these may not be needed. When booking an end of tenancy cleaning service, you can request the cleaning services you need, and the Cleaning Express team will help you choose the right ones for your property. That way, you won’t be paying for cleaning services that you do not need.

End of tenancy cleanShould landlords use end of tenancy cleaning services?

If your tenants have left your property unclean, then end of tenancy cleaning services are a fantastic way of quickly getting that property back on the market. We all know how long cleaning can take, yet, end of tenancy cleaning services only take a few hours (depending on the condition your property has been left in). If you’re a landlord or an estate agent and have been left with a property that isn’t fit to go back on the market, call in an end of tenancy cleaning team, and they will make sure that it is perfect for you very quickly.

End of tenancy cleaning services really take the stress out of moving from rented accommodation. Cleaning takes hours, especially when you are cleaning the areas you have missed for years! We can say from experience, having end of tenancy cleaners takes away so much stress and leaves a property looking wonderful for your landlord and their next tenants.

To find out more about the Cleaning Express end of tenancy cleaning services, please explore our website further. Our end of tenancy cleaning team can be with you at your property in London as quickly as tomorrow. Contact us by calling  0203 633 0390 , alternatively, send us a message on our Cleaning Express website or Facebook.

If you’ve just booked one of Cleaning Express’ deep cleaning services, this article will help you prepare your home for our professional cleaners. First, though, from everyone here at Cleaning Express, thank you. Our cleaners are looking forward to go to make sure your property is as clean as possible. To help our cleaners, though, there are a few things you can do before they arrive.

How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?

Will our cleaners need equipment?

If you would like our cleaners to use their own cleaning equipment, please let us know before your appointment. Some of our deep clean customers prefer our cleaners to use the cleaning equipment already in the property. Still, others prefer us to bring our own. Either is fine with our cleaners, but just let us know before your appointment so we can make arrangements and ensure that the cleaner has all of the equipment they need.

Areas to focus on

Our deep cleaning services are totally customisable. This allows us to clean an entire home or focus on particular areas of a property. If you have any areas that you would like our cleaners to clean more than others, please let us know before our visit. If you don’t inform us of these areas, we will deep clean your entire property for you.

deep clean, removing pets hair


If there are pets at home, we ask that our customers make us aware of them before our cleaners visit. We do this to ensure the cleaners have no surprises on the day and so that they can focus on the job. We may ask you to keep the animals in a separate room while we do our cleaning tasks, so they don’t distract our cleaner.

Any speciality surfaces, decor or appliances

Some marble, natural stone, fabrics and wood can be very sensitive to certain chemicals. If you have any fabric, décor, art or wooden objects in your home that could react to our cleaning chemicals, please let us know. If you’d still like our cleaner to clean these things, they can bring a suitable cleaning product with them or use one that you have provided. We can also supply eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your entire home if you would prefer this. Many of our cleaning customers with pets and kids prefer us to use these natural cleaning products, and we are more than happy to do so.

High windows or cupboards

If you have any tall areas that you would like our cleaners to clean, please let us know beforehand. For things like high windows and cupboards, our cleaners may require a stepladder. Again, we are happy to provide a stepladder, or you can provide one if you have it.

Cupboard cleaning

If you need our cleaner to clean your cupboards, that is no problem at all. We do ask that you empty the cupboards before we arrive, though, as this saves everyone time. If you cannot empty the cupboards yourself, or you don’t have time, please make us aware, and we will ensure that the cleaner allocates some time to do so.

How to professionally clean a houseNeed a deep clean after building work

If you’ve just had building or renovation work in your home, you may want a cleaner to come in and tidy up and make your home dust-free once more. In this case, our After Building Cleaning Services are the best choice. Our deep cleaning services are extremely thorough, but they are a more generalised cleaning service. Our After Building Cleaning Services are perfect for brick and wood dust and more.

Our deep cleaning services are a personal service that is tailored to suit every one of our cleaning customers. We aim to structure all cleaning tasks based on your instructions. So, the more instructions you provide our cleaners, the better the outcome of your deep clean will be for you. We hope this look at our deep cleaning services has been helpful and we were able to give an idea on how to prepare your home a professional deep clean. Book in for Cleaning Express’ fantastic deep clean services right now. We also provide the following services – end of tenancy cleaning, domestic cleaning or commercial cleaning. To book please give Cleaning Express a call or send us a message via website or Facebook.

Many of our cleaning customers ask us how much our end of tenancy cleaning services in London cost. While all of our end of tenancy cleaning prices are available on our website. We have decided to do a more detailed breakdown of these cleaning prices to help you. So, if you’ve been wondering how much end of tenancy cleaning costs from Cleaning Express, you’ll find the information you need below.

how much does end of tenancy clean

What are the prices for end of tenancy cleaning in London?


At Cleaning Express, our end of tenancy cleaning services are some of the most thorough in London. We provide all of the cleaning that your home needs to ensure it is ready for handing over to your estate agents or landlords. We use a detailed end of tenancy checklist that landlords also use to make sure that a property has been cleaned correctly. Having Cleaning Express clean your rented property at the end of your tenancy is a great way of ensuring you receive as much of your deposit back as possible. It also means one of the biggest stresses of moving is taken care of for you too.

Cost breakdown of end of tenancy cleaning in London:

As we said, all of our end of tenancy cleaning prices are available on the Cleaning Express website, but here is a breakdown to help you.

The price for a one studio/one bed and 1 bath property is £194.
However, if you supply the cleaning equipment (mop, bucket and hoover, for example), you will receive a £25 discount. And if your property is unfurnished (and you have moved your furniture out already), you will receive a further discount of £20.

So, the final price of your end of tenancy cleaning from Cleaning Express for a studio/one bed and bath property would be £149.

If you live in a 2 bed and 2 bath property, the cost for end of tenancy cleaning is £283. However, if you supply the cleaning equipment, you’ll receive a discount of £25 again. And you’ll receive another £20 discount for an unfurnished property too.

So, the final cost of end of tenancy cleaning for a 2 bed and 2 bath property with all of the discounts in place will be £238.

These are our standard prices for our end of tenancy cleaning services. Additional costs may occur for extra cleaning work like balcony cleaning, blinds, kitchenware – utensils for example. Also, the prices above are for properties that we consider to be in good condition. Additional charges may be required if a property is found to be in bad condition.

end of tenancy checklist

Is carpet cleaning included in the end of tenancy cleaning price above?

Carpet cleaning isn’t included in the prices above. As properties vary so much, we cannot give standard quotes for carpet cleaning included in our end of tenancy cleaning services. If you wish to include carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning with your end of tenancy cleaning services, just let Cleaning Express know in your order or over the phone, and we can send you a detailed quote for the carpet cleaning too.

We hope this look at our end of tenancy cleaning prices has helped you. Take a look at the end of tenancy cleaning page on the Cleaning Express website to see a full checklist of what we clean and the many 5 star reviews from previous end of tenancy cleaning customers can be found on TrustPilot.

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Choosing the best cleaner for your home can be tricky. Of course, you want a cleaner that is reliable, trustworthy, and that does an excellent job at the cleaning tasks you don’t have time to do. And if that cleaner can fit their cleaning duties around your schedule and charge a competitive price, that is the dream, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a cleaner to clean your home in London, here are some things to consider and how to choose the best cleaner for you.

How to find the right cleanerAsk for a recommendation

If your friends use a cleaner or a cleaning company, ask them about their experience. They will be able to provide a real-world perspective on how that cleaner performs their job. If your friend uses a self-employed cleaner, though, it is worth bearing in mind that many self-employed cleaners only operate over a small area. So, while that cleaner will be able to clean your friend’s home, they may not cover your area. However, asking a friend for a cleaning recommendation is always a good starting off point.

Look online

Most self-employed cleaners and cleaning companies have some form of online presence nowadays. This could be a Facebook page or a website. Take a look at the cleaning services they provide and the reviews that their customers have left on the site. You can also send the cleaner a message if you want to know more about their services and their availability. You can use local Facebook groups as well to ask for advice from people in your area about the best cleaners and cleaning companies in the area.

Use vetted and insured cleaners

A self-employed cleaner can only really be vetted by their previous clients and their reviews. Domestic cleaners that work for a cleaning company like Cleaning Express, for example, are vetted on much more than this. We fully-trained our cleaners and vet their performance throughout their time with us. This ensures that all of our cleaners are fully trained in all of our cleaning services.

A cleaner must have insurance too. This will typically be liability insurance and ensures that if they damage anything in your home while they are cleaning, they can replace or repair it. We have the best insurance that money can buy.  We can ensure that if any of our cleaners do happen to damage any of our customer’s items. (It is extremely rare, but accidents do occur). Then our customers have peace of mind and a quick resolution to the issue.

Choosing between a self-employed cleaner or a cleaning companyChoosing housekeeper

Using a self-employed cleaner is a great way of ensuring that only one cleaner will enter your home. You will get to know that cleaner and form a trusting working relationship with them. However, if your cleaner goes on holiday or gets sick, they won’t be able to clean your property. At Cleaning Express, our cleaners have set areas that they work in. This means the cleaner that comes to your home is typically the same person. However, if they are ever on holiday or they get sick, cover can quickly be arranged, so your home or business still gets cleaned.

Of course, as a cleaning company ourselves, we are a bit bias, as to whether a self-employed cleaner or a cleaning company is best. But we provide cleaning services that offer the personal relationship you receive if you choose a self-employed cleaner, but with the backing of a family-run business to ensure that our customers always receive a superior clean from trustworthy, reliable cleaners at a competitive price.

Another factor for consideration is that every cleaner has its preferences and specialisation. Some cleaners are experienced only in domestic sector, some cleaners work in offices and commercial premises. Some cleaning operatives prefer deep cleaning work or carrying out end of tenancy cleaning or after-building cleaning.

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